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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
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Camill's UI

Version: 4.0
by: camill [More]

Hey guys this is my first UI, its very easy to config and use for all type of classes and speccs

Updated to 6.0.3

Its very easily to configure, so you should be ready to action almost instantly.

Its made for widescreen resolution 1360x768, but u can unlock and drag to fit if u have bigger resolutions supported.

Only few addons needs config like bartender, shadowed unit frames, quartz, chocolatebar and raven i think where u go to options > profiles> Camill

Rest of the addons should be on default, Masque addon choose Zoomed option to reskin your UI as default

UI scale is 0.8

addons included are

Auctionator > AH
Bartender4 > Action bars
Sexy map > minimap
Pranqs chat> chat
DBM > boss timers
Leatrix_Plus > fancy addon with many things to configure (repairs , whispers blocks etc)
ChocolateBar > similar to titan panel
Broker Everything, combined with ChocolateBar
Masque > same as button facade and use it together!
OmniCC > action bars cooldown trackers
Quartz > cast bar addon
Raven > buffs
Skada > damage meters
Shadowed Unit Frames > unit frames
Tidy Plates > unit frames
TipTac > tooltips about players/mobs
03, 03 bags,-> bag addon
MSBT -> combat text
Postal -> Mail addon
Xloot -> loot addon

all these addons are used from curse.com / or from other sources and none of these addon is mine or someone i know, many thanks to original addons creators!

updated to 5.4
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