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Crit Mah Pants

Version: 1.0 Release
by: ElphieRAWR [More]

This addon does a very simple thing: it does stuff when your pet crits.

The use for this would mostly be for letting Warlocks specced into Empowered Imp know when their imp crits, however, since the configuration includes changing the unitID it has a lot of use for doing other things, if you want it to.

There is limited configuration via the lua.
You can: Set it to play a sound file OR set it to print the message OR both
Change the message that it says if "both" or "print the message"
Change the filepath to a different sound that it plays if "both" or "play the sound"
Change the UnitID or "who did it" The UnitID can be "pet" or "player" etc etc etc etc [keep in mind, this is only for DAMAGING SPELLS]

This, of course, all comes set just so that it does both, for a pet spell crit.
The default message is "Haha your pet crit his pants." and the sound is the Rupee sound from Legend of Zelda.

To only change the sound, without even having to open the lua and edit anything, just take the sound you want to play [a .wav file, and it's best that it be a very short sound], name it Rupee, and overwrite the "Rupee.wav" sound in the "Interface\Addons\PetCrit\" folder.

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