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Updated: 08-26-18 10:59 PM
Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
Updated:08-26-18 10:59 PM
Created:08-26-18 10:52 PM


Version: 80000.1
by: Cidrei [More]

Per request, this addon blocks Bwonsamdi's taunts from appearing in your chat window when you die, and replaces his dialogue with the sweet sweet sounds of silence. It does *not* remove the chat bubbles, so you'll still see him speaking if you have those on.

This was tested briefly but it's possible some of the audible lines were missed. If you can find it in this list I'll get it added in.

Due to how this particular addon works, the zip file contains a complete folder structure. To install, you'll need to extract the zip to the top level of your WoW install folder. Feel free to poke around the zip to see that nothing malicious is going on. It's just important that the sound files end up in the proper place.

To completely remove this addon, you will need to delete the "Sound\Creature\Bwonsamdi" folder that is placed in your WoW folder, in addition to the "BwonsamdiMute" folder in your Addons. Otherwise, Bwonsamdi will remain audibly mute, while continuing to taunt in your chat log.

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