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Updated:06-15-08 06:44 AM

Fudge 2

Version: v1.1
by: Aragore [More]

All credit for this goes to user fleetfoot and he gives credit to rangehelp author.

This is the exact same add on as the original Fudge, but I added two range checks. I mainly made this for my druid and a few people were asking about adding a second option in the comments of the original Fudge. I noticed that fleetfoot said it was okay to upload a "hacked" version, so I hope this is okay.

The way it displays for my druid:
My Cyclone(24 yard spell) - Display = "Short Range" for 0-24 yards
My Roots (36 yard spell) - Display = "Long Range" for 24-36 yards
Out of range - Display = "Out of Range" for 36+ yards

The slash command is /fudge, this gives you the options.
/fudge spell <spell name>, sets the name of the short range check.
/fudge secondary_spell <spell name>, set the name of the long range check.

I notice that it is buggy if you don't set your "range checks" before targeting an enemy first. If this happens just do /fudge profile reset, drop any person you are targeting, set your range check spells.

Hope this works for everyone.

Changed folder name back to fudge so i dont have to update toc
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My only question/request is if it is possible to add the ability to make Fudge v1/v2 capable of running per character.

I've used Fudge for a while now and like what it does, but since the official author hasn't updated it since January I'm wondering if he is still working on it. I've tried the WoWAce forums looking for a thread on the addon to make my request known and have had no results in finding it. I like the addon, but not being able to set Lightning Bolt for my shaman and also a different ranged ability for another alt except by manually setting it each time I log on to that specific character is a little tiresome. A change to make it per-character would be great if it is possible.

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