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Fury of Hellfire (6.2)
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Updated:11-07-15 06:05 AM
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CTRA TankAssist

Version: 6.000
by: CorpsusVitale [More]

CT RaidAssist Tank Assist (CTRA TA) is designed to complement the CT Raid Assist addon (from www.ctmod.net) to extend the Main Tank (MT) frames to show a warning when multiple MTs are on the same target. This helps for several fights in Molten Core (Core Hound packs, Garr, Lava Packs, Sons of Flame etc) Longer Description: This addon is mainly intended for people who are either a Main Tank, or who assign targets for Main Tanks. It helps in multiple places:

* Assigning targets before a complex fight (like Garr or Majordomo, or Core Hound Packs), or any fight where there are multiple mobs with the same name (UBRS Rookery, Drakkisath's room etc) - just have all the MTs deselect targets, and then MT1 can assign targets by choosing mobs that do not cause warning windows to appear (so that no other MT is currently on MT1s target until they are assigned it). It's easier to use it than to explain it

* Picking up targets on the fly, to try and ensure that all targets are being tanked correctly (Sons of Ragnaros, accidental pulls etc). This might be tab targetting until you don't have a warning window, for example.

It is a fairly simple mod. Four times a second, it will check to make sure that all Main Tanks set up in CTRA have separate targets. If they do not, a little warning window is shown next to the MT windows with a list of the MTs on that target. The window is placed next to the MT with aggro, or if no MT has aggro, it is next to the lowest number MT on that target (e.g. MT1 if MT1, MT3 and MT4 are on the same target).

The warning windows can be placed on either the left or the right of the MT windows. By default, they will be placed on the side that is furthest away from the edge of the screen, but this can be configured via a slash command.

The MT names in the warning windows are colored green if the MT next to the window has aggro (or if none of the MTs has aggro), red if the MT is you (and you don't have aggro), or white for all other MTs. In addition, if you are a MT and you are on a target that you don't own, then the background of the warning window will be colored red, instead of yellow.

The CTRA TA warning window appearance is affected by several of the options set in CT RaidAssist itself:

* 'MT Window Scaling' - This will make the CTRA TA window scale, just like the CTRA MT windows
* 'Hide border' - This will remove the borders from the CTRA TA window, just like the CTRA MT windows
* 'Remove spacing' - This removes the spacing between the CTRA TA windows, just like the CTRA MT windows
* 'Expand Groups Upwards' - This reverses the order of the MT list - the CTRA TA warning windows will still appear next to the correct MT

Slash commands There are a couple of slash commands for use with CTRA TA:

* /ctrata show - enable CTRA TA warnings when tanks are on the same targets
* /ctrata hide - disable CTRA TA warnings (Default)
* /ctrata toggle - toggle between shown and hidden
* /ctrata position left - display CTRA TA warnings to the left of the CTRA MT windows
* /ctrata position right - display CTRA TA warnings to the right of the CTRA MT windows
* /ctrata position auto - display CTRA TA warnings to the side of the CTRA MT windows furthest from the edge of the screen (Default)
* /ctrata version - displays the version number

Note: The first time you use this, you will need to run '/ctrata show' in order to enable the mod. This is remembered on a per character basis. You won't see any warnings if you are not in a raid, don't have CTRA, don't have MTs set up in CTRA, or if all the MTs are on separate targets

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