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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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Version: 0.6.0
by: Chibi [More]

Lets you create and bind long (1024 character) macros to your scroll wheel!

Haven't I seen this before?
In a manner, this addon is a ground-up rewrite of the wonderful OWheely addon by Kerrang (updated by Ckaotik)

So why re-invent the (scroll-)wheel?
OWheely was starting to show some wear and tear, so I decided to rewrite a similar addon that encompassed just the features I really used from it, and not the ones I didn't.

This addon allows you to bind macros to up/down scrolling, while preserving camera-zoom functionality with the right-mouse button held down.

So how do I use it?
Extract the YaWheely folder to your <World of Warcraft Directory>\Interface\AddOns\ like any other addon, and once in game type /yaw or /yawheely to open up the options dialog, it's that simple!

This addon has been for personal use up to this point, please report any errors you get and steps to duplicate them if you want things fixed.

Also, outside of combat right-click-scrolling to zoom the camera in and out will not fire whatever macros you have bound to the scroll wheels, but in combat it will. This is a limitation of the Blizzard UI and playing nice with secure buttons.

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A Defias Bandit

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Exclamation /yw conflicts with emote.

/yw slash command conflicts with the You're Welcome emote. And it't not entirely clear that you have to set the initial macros with /ywu [macrotext] and /yud [macrotext] without the square brackets. I hammered at those test fields like a moron until I figured out that even a space after the proper slash command will make the macros editable in the gui. Now to dig in and learn more about macros to really take advantage.
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