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amk bagtaker

Version: 0.5.0
by: gfxamk [More]


this is a VERY simple addon that lets you change bags without a bagbar.
when the bag icon in the topleft of the containerframe is clicked,
the bag is removed (if it is empty) and you can use a new bag by simply
right-clicking the bag to use it.

- addon language: all languages

feedback is very appreciated


dies ist ein SEHR simples addon um taschen ohne bagbar zu tauschen.
wenn das taschen icon oben links im containerframe angeklickt wird,
kann man die tasche nehmen (wenn leer) und gegen eine neue tauschen,
indem man diese einfach zum benutzen rechtsklickt.

- addon sprache: alle sprachen

feedback sehr erwŁnscht

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A Kobold Labourer

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Good idea, though I'd love to have the addon doing following: drag'n'drop a new/empty bag into currently equipped bag icon to replace it (without having to empty bag, remove it, put new one and put the stuff into it).
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