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amk autocell

Version: 0.1.0
by: gfxamk [More]


this addon does simple cell simulations
the addon has a small lua config in the main.lua, you can set cellsize and gridsize.
be carefull with the gridsize, to big can produce lags.
with anything between 9-31 you should be ok, i myself run 51 with minor lags per cycle.

- addon language: only english help at the moment

feedback is very appreciated


dieses addon macht simple zell simulationen
in der datei main.lua eine kleine config um zellen- und raster-grösse (gridsize) einstellen.
vorsicht mit der rastergrösse, zu gross kann lags verursachen.
alles zwischen 9-31 sollte ok sein, ich persönlich verwende 51 mit nur leichten lags.

- addon sprache: momentan nur englische erklärungen

feedback sehr erwünscht

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Unread 05-23-11, 04:44 PM  
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to be completely honest i dont even know for shure if it is working pinpoint the way it should^^
the "simulation" (big name yeah^^) follows really simpel rules.
every cell is checked per cycle, if a living cell is surounded by a certain amount of cells it dies, else stays alive.
if a dead cell is surrounded by a certain amount of cells a new cell is born, else stays dead.
this addon never had a special purpose, except for reading about a program doing exactly this and simply trying to build it myself to see if i could do it.
if one wanted to make more of this you could for instance make 2 types of cells with different lifespans or food and lifespans etc to make the rules more complicated. but the addon really was never meant to be expanded, i just uploaded it with 2 thoughts in mind.
perhaps there is some part of the code that might help somebody else with an adddon-problem, or more important, simply for a laugh and fun.
hope i didn´t take any sort of illusion from you, but i´m happy you showed interest.

so long and thankyou for the fish
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Unread 05-22-11, 09:16 PM  
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What exactly does this do?
How do the cell simulations work?
Insert sunglasses joke.
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