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The Adventure Continues (6.1)
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Version: 0.6
by: Barjack [More]


SourceLord is a zero-configuration addon that shows you information about where an item is from, and what items it shares an appearance with. It is mainly useful for people who are interested in transmogrification, though others may also find uses for it.

I made this addon to deal primarily with the problem is not knowing whether it's safe to get rid of an item. With this addon it's easier to figure out whether it's okay to trash that quest reward, because it'll try to let you know about alternatives that may be available should you want to build a transmog set using that item at a later date.

Information from Wowhead is used to find the source types and appearance IDs that allow this addon to work. Thank you!

How to use this addon

When mousing over an equippable item (and some item tokens), hold Ctrl to show source information. The tooltip will tell you about certain restrictions on the item (i.e. Horde only, no longer available in game), give you information about where it's obtained (i.e. a drop, crafting, quest reward), and finally a list of colour-coded items that share its in-game appearance.

Refer to the fifth screenshot uploaded here if you'd like a quick reference for what each colour means. I've tried to keep some sort of logic to it, but it's difficult with so many source types. Miscellaneous (dark cyan) items in particular could be from many different types of sources. I suggest looking up these items on Wowhead to find out the particulars.


There are a couple of problems that currently exist with this addon. They are as follows:

1) I do not know how to correctly label items with multiple appearances yet. All these items will still appear in the tooltips, but they will be marked with labels like [Variant 0] and [Variant 5]. With some items the meaning of these variant IDs is clear (i.e. variant 1 is the heroic variant) but with others it is very unclear. Some items with only one apparent in-game version nevertheless have multiple variants in the database. If you can make sense of these items, please let me know!

2) Not all items that share the same appearance share the same appearance ID internally. Because of errors in the database, sometimes two items with the same appearance will have difference appearance IDs. If you find items like this, please let me know. I have a manual work-around system in place that can correct these errors. Just tell me the IDs of the two items in question and I'll add them to the system.


This is the first public release of this addon. The database isn't perfect and there are still things that the addon doesn't completely understand. I welcome constructive feedback, but keep in mind I don't particularly want to add options and so forth.


- Added simple technique to merge multiple [Variant X] lines into a single line. Should help clean up some of the truly huge, ridiculous tooltips.
- Removed a large number of outdated appearance ID aliases. Currently no overrides for incorrect data exist. If you notice something wrong, let me know!
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Unread 09-21-17, 07:44 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Will this addon be updated by any chance?

This addon is awesome. So many people were asking for an addon like this. Would it be updated by any chance?
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Unread 02-28-15, 05:49 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Could you add an option to only show the drop source of an item? I'm looking for an addon which does just that.
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