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Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
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Version: v8.0.0.06
by: MuffinManKen [More]

All development on my addons has been halted indefinitely pending an official ruling from Blizzard. See this thread for more information:

This is an updated fork of the original Factionizer addon.


  • how many reputation points are missing to the next reputation level in your reputation window
  • extended reputation detail window showing how many points you need for your next reputation level
  • how much reputation you can gain by completing repeatable/daily and gathering quests
  • mobs that give reputation
  • built in localization for quest, item, and instance names
  • order factions by reputation level
  • faction output controlled by chat general settings
  • toasts show when you have a Paragon award waiting
  • Item tooltips on Commendation-like items show current Faction standing and how much rep is missing to the next level
  • Emissary tooltips on the World Map show current standing and missing rep

Slash commands
/mfac help *Show supported slash commands*
/mfac about *Show version info*
/mfac status *Show configuration status*
/mfac list *Show list of all factions grouped by standing*
/mfac list <standing> *Show list of all factions with which you have the given standing*
/mfac enable | disable | toggle <setting>

- <setting> Enable/Disable/Toggle showing of

- missing: Missing reputation text in reputation frame
- paragon: Replace "Exalted" with your Paragon progress
- details: Extended reputation detail frame
- toasts: Show Toasts when earning Paragon reward
- chat: Extended reputation gain chat message
- noguild: Do not write to chat for guild reputation
- suppress: Suppress original reputation gain chat message
- preview: Show reputation that can be handed in in reputation frame
- bar: Switch reputation bar to faction for whom just gained reputation
- silent: No message to chat when switching bar
- autoturnin: Automatically turn in Reputation item quests
- all: Include all <settings> in enable/disable/toggle
- reputation aims:
- mobs
- items
- quests
- instances | dungeons
- general

Support: MuffinManGames.com

Other Muffin Addons:
  • Achieve It - Creates many sub-categories in the default Achievement UI to organize things better
  • AutoBar- A set of bars with auto-populated buttons for items and spells


- Fixed (hopefully) the bug that broke Russian (and probably Asian) clients
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