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Parrot 2  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v2.2.3
by: nebula [More]

This is a continuation of Parrot! I started a personal fork in early Mist of Pandaria and have been slowly rewritting it since. Installing this should overwrite the directory for the original Parrot and continue to use your existing settings. If you have problems, just delete the Parrot directory at Interface/AddOns/Parrot and reinstall Parrot 2.

Floating Combat Text of awesomeness.

Displays combat (damage, healing, auras) events as well as other events (loot, cooldown available, power change, repuation, kills, and more) as moving text and numbers across the screen.

Parrot also offers a trigger system to display messages and play sounds in reaction to a variety of things, like gaining a buff or dodging an attack.


Q: I created a custom trigger doing <something>. Is it worthy to be in Parrot's default triggers?
A: If you want to contribute a trigger that is useful for your class, please post a ticket where you describe the conditions you used set it up and I'll look at including it.

Q: Parrot is not showing heals, but it's enabled in the options.
A: WoW displays every full overheal in the combat log (even for HoTs). That's why Parrot contains an option in Events to "Hide full overheals" which is enabled by default to avoid unnecessary spam.

Q: How do I to use custom fonts and sounds in Parrot?
A: Parrot doesn't provide sounds or additional fonts (only the fonts included in WoW). For additional fonts and sounds please install SharedMedia. f you want to include your own custom sounds and fonts see the "INSTRUCTIONS for MyMedia.txt" in the SharedMedia folder.

Q: Whenever I reload or log back in again, Parrot hides Blizzard's default outgoing damage text (the one above the mob in question). Is there a way to avoid having to re-enable Blizzard's options all the time?
A: When enabled, Parrot manages the settings for Blizzard's floating combat text. You can manage these settings in the Parrot config.

Q: Why is the stack count sometimes off when looting stackable items?
A: The problem is that the event for loot is triggered before or after the item was put in the bag depending on lag and may not have registered by the time we check the item's count.

Localization / Feature Requests / Reporting Bugs

Please use the ticket system or create a pull request. I'm pretty terrible at keeping up with comments, so the best way to get my attention is by submitting a new issue on GitHub. Thanks!

Parrot 2
v2.2.3 (2024-04-12)
Full Changelog Previous Releases
  • Remove some unused code
  • Update TOC for 10.2.6
  • Fix error when using a rune on a weapon, or adding an enchant to an item (#109)
  • workflow: Fix luacheck
  • Update workflows
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Unread 02-02-18, 02:57 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Scroll settings for notification frame reset on logout

see title, I try changing the scrolling of the text in notification frame to scroll down-center, but on logout it resets back to up-center.
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Unread 08-22-16, 11:31 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Very cool!

I remember I used this a lot back in TBC ─ it had so many options I would spend hours and hours setting it up and changing it.
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Unread 08-21-16, 06:26 PM  
A Warpwood Thunder Caller

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I just saw this add-on in Seerah's Pick of the Week and I was absolutely relieved that Parrot is still around. I've been using Parrot since... forever, and I was grasping onto the version from WoWAce until Legion finally took it out. Very excited to see that Parrot will continue to live on, and thanks for keeping it up to date.
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