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Updated:07-02-11 01:05 PM
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Netoxic's Raid Frame Remover

Version: .2
by: netoxr2000 [More]

Well, just browsed the internet and found some /run command macros and I compiled them into this minimalistic AddOn.

Remove the default Blizzard Raid Frame and Tab. Forever !
Ever get annoyed by that big, clumpsy frame that blocks important parts of the screen? Do you think the Raid Groups from the Raid Frame are too big or useless? Does the Blizzard Raid Frame decrease how your UI art looks like? Just download this and problem solved! You won't have to hide the blizzard frames every time you log in / enter a raid AND it will also hide that annoying tab at the left side of your screen FOREVER.

/nrfr show - Shows Raid Frames.
/nrfr hide - Hides Raid frames.


*Fixed some typos
*Added Notifications

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