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Bengir Minimap

Version: 1.2
by: Bengir [More]

-- Bengir_Minimap --

What is it?
Bengir_Minimap is a lightweight square minimap that offers a few options over the stock Blizzard minimap. All configurations are done in the Bengir_Minimap.lua file. Don't worry it's very simple to do .

Minimap features
- Hides all the default minimap buttons except:

- Battleground icon
- Looking for group icon.
- Hides Zone text
- Hides Time
- Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel
- Right-click to select tracking
- Middle-click to open the calendar

Minimap options to:
- Position the minimap where you want
- Change the scale of the minimap
- Show/hide: Instance difficulty icon (some people want to see it, I don't!)
- Display current player coordinates on minimap
- Hide in combat
- Hide / show borders and select the color you want for the border
- Move the minimap with ALT-CLICK or SHIFT-CLICK

Quest options to:
- Position the Blizzard Quest frame where you want
- Change the scale
- Change the height (so you can see more quests)

Slash commands to:
- Reset the minimap to it's original position (defined in the Bengir_Minimap.lua file).
/bm reset
- Move the minimap x number of pixel up/down or left/right for those like me who think that 1 pixel off is too much.
/bm movex [number]
/bm movey [number]
- Get the current x and y position of the minimap.
/bm getpos

How I configure it
I set the options I want in the Bengir_Minimap.lua file. There is a small section at the top of the file and all the options are clearly explained.

To set the position of the minimap, I determine where I want the minimap globally and I set the "map_position" option accordingly in the Bengir_Minimap.lua file. In my case it is "TOPRIGHT".

When all this is done, I save the lua file and I start WoW. In WoW, I RIGHT-CLICK to move the minimap where I want. I use the following slash commands:
- /bm movex 1 (or -1) to move the minimap by 1 pixel left or right.
- /bm movey 1 (or -1) to move the minimap by 1 pixel up or down.
When I have the perfect position for the minimap, I use:
- /bm getpos
This will return the X and Y offset that I should write in the Bengir_Minimap.lua file.

Remember, whenever you make a change to a lua file, you have to use the /reload command to reload your interface in order to apply the changes.

I moved the minimap with SHIFT-CLICK (or ALT-CLICK) and the next time I start WoW the minimap is not where I put it.

That is by design. The minimap will always set itself at the position determined in the Bengir_Minimap.lua file. This way you can move your minimap anytime during the game while knowing it will be reset to it's rightfull position when you reload or use the /bm reset slash command. I use this mainly when I farm, I put the minimap in the middle of the screen.

v1.2 - 05/08/2011
Update for Patch 4.1
The only changed made was in the .toc file to update it to 40100.
If you made changes to the Bengir_Minimap.lua file, don't forget to copy them over.

v1.1 - 12/29/2010
Initial Release to the public.
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Originally Posted by tordenflesk
The salute on every zone-change is a bit excessive, and I wish i could turn the mail-icon off, but otherwise the perfect minimap.
Just remove line 219 in the lua file.
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The salute on every zone-change is a bit excessive, and I wish i could turn the mail-icon off, but otherwise the perfect minimap.
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