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Version: 1.0
by: Wildhorn666 [More]

WildList allow you to add a note to a player and it will be said in party chat when you team with them. Because the ignore list is limited to 50 and that the /lfd will only use the real ignore list, I could not just put every frozen orb ninja-looter or bad player on my list. So I thought that adding some info about them in case I get them in my team again would be helpful. This is also nice to set note about how badass and awesome some tank/healer were.

Simply type "/wl <Player Name> <Note>".

You can also type "%t" in place of player name to add a note to your current target.

To remove a note, simply type "/wl <Player Name>"

Note: It is not possible to add players if their server has a space in its name. I also discovered that is impossible to ignore them :O

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Space and '

I will update the addon with a fix to allow to add players with space or ' in their server name. I will have to test it when servers come back up and then I should upload it here.
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