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The Burning Crusade Classic (2.5.1)
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Helm Hide TBC

Version: 2.4.2-tbc
by: Vampyr78 [More]

This is a Classic version of my Helm Hide addon It works just ilke in the olden days so API functions are available. Because of that Classic version doesn't unequip your helmet/cloak, instead it will just hide it in resting zone and show it when you leave resting zone.

You can choose to either hide both helm and a cloak or just helm/just cloak. In addition you can choose to have helmet only during combat. To do that just go to the interface settings and select addons or use slash command /hh <option> or /helmhide <option> to turn on the mode you like. Here's the list of options:

  • on - it will autohide both helm and claok in resting zone
  • helm - it will only autohide helm in resting zone
  • cloak - it will only autohide claok in resting zone
  • off - it won't do anything in resting zone, you can still hide helm and cloak using special buttons
  • combat - show helmet only in combat
  • rest - hide helmet only in resting areas.
There are also two buttons on the character panel you can use to hide helmet or cloak and show.

First version for TBC Classic
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