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Version: 5.01
by: Dargen [More]

This addon allows you to inspect the item levels of the gear on yourself, your target, your party members, or your raid members.

You can choose which slots to inspect, or you can inspect all of them (except for shirt and tabard). After performing an inspection, you can change your choice of slots without having to re-inspect. The addon will update the lists and totals based on your choices.

You can view the results of the inspection in summary and details windows. The lists can be sorted by clicking on the column headings. The summary window shows each player's name, class, total item level (iLevel), and average item level. The details window shows each piece of gear that was inspected, the player's name, and the item level of the gear.

In the summary window you can select lines using Click, Ctrl Click, and Shift Click, or you can use the 'Select all' and 'Unselect all' buttons. The 'Announce' button will allow you to send the selected lines to the party, raid, or officer chat channels. If nothing is selected then all the lines are announced. The lines are announced in the same order that they are display in the window, starting from the topmost selected line.

In the details window you can hover the mouse over a line to see a tooltip showing the details about the gear on that line.

Gear influence on some vehicle fights:

The Flame Leviathan fight in Ulduar uses vehicles which are influenced by the gear that the players are wearing. Epic gear influences the vehicles more than non-epic gear (even if they are the same item level).

There is an option provided to adjust the item levels of non-epic gear. This option will subtract an amount from the gear's item level based on the quality of the gear (13 for rare/blue gear, 26 for uncommon/green gear, 39 for common/white gear, and 52 for poor/grey gear).

Two of the slots you can inspect are flagged with an asterisk (ranged, off hand). These two slots do not influence the Flame Leviathan vehicles. They should be unchecked when inspecting players for that fight so that they do not affect the totals and averages.

Command summary:

* /ekinspect player -- Inspect yourself and show summary.
* /ekinspect player details -- Inspect yourself and show details.
* /ekinspect target -- Inspect in-range target and show summary.
* /ekinspect target details -- Inspect in-range target and show details.
* /ekinspect party -- Inspect in-range party members and show summary.
* /ekinspect raid -- Inspect in-range raid members and show summary.

* /ekinspect help/? -- Display this command summary.
* /ekinspect -- Toggle the EkInspect window.

Alternate commands: /ekins

Version 5.01 (2012-08-28)
- Updated for WoW 5.
- Version number increased to match the game's major version number.
- Removed the checkbox for the ranged slot.

Version 1.17 (2011-11-28)
- Updated for the WoW 4.3 patch.

Version 1.16 (2011-06-28)
- Updated for the WoW 4.2 patch.
- Added handling of player names containing UTF8 encoded characters (accents, etc).

Version 1.15 (2011-04-26)
- Updated for the WoW 4.1 patch.

Version 1.14 (2010-10-12)
- Updated for the WoW 4.0.1 patch.

Version 1.12 (2009-12-08)
- Updated for the WoW 3.3 patch.

Version 1.11 (2009-08-14)
- Updated for the WoW 3.2 patch.

Version 1.10 (2009-04-19)
- Lines in the summary and detail windows are now displayed using class colors.
- Can announce all (or selected) player summary information to party, raid, or officer chat.
- Fixed an error when clicking on a column heading in the details window.

Version 1.00 (2009-04-18)
- Initial release
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Unread 07-21-09, 05:06 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Thumbs up Custom Chat Channel Spam

I would also love another option in the announce section similar to how recount allows you to select different channels. Particularly, an option to spam to a specified chat channel or through a whisper would be fantastic.

Otherwise, I love this addon.
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Unread 05-24-09, 04:18 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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Hi there.
Great Addon

But is there any chance of adding tooltip information when you hover an other player? like GearScore does?
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Unread 05-16-09, 05:02 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Is it possible to announce the ratings to a custom channel that we created?
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