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Shiftix UI

Version: 1.0
by: Shiftix [More]

Shiftix UI

Addons contained in this UI:
-Shadowed Unitframes
-Gladius(without DR tracker)
-Deadly Boss Mods
-Tip Tac

I do not take credit for any of these addons.

That should be all of the addons. If you use this UI, i recommend a good computer that can take alot of addon memory,
as this UI probably has some impact on your computer performance. I do not take responsability for anything happening to your overheated CPU.
The UI still needs some work, but i will keep this file updated, so check in every now and then for updates.
The resolution is set for 1920:1080, for a widescreen 21,5" monitor, but you can change it to your liking.

PLEASE, leave a comment about what you think or what you think I should change

After you have downloaded it correctly and renamed everything correctly, log in and do the following.
-To change the action bars, go to /bt4 and click on profiles, choose "copy from" and pick "Shiftix_Ultra" from the dropdown menu. They should be in place when you choose that profile.
-To change the background for actionbars/chatbox/infobox, go to /kgpanels config, there, click on active panels. This will bring up all the different panels where "Chat" is the chatbox, "What?" is the actionbars, and "Info" is the box on the right. There is a "lock" option in every panel, uncheck it to move the panels behind where they should be. Be sure to lock them after you are done.
-To move the unitframes, go to /suf and uncheck "Lock unitframes" in the general tab, move them to where they should be. You can also scale the buffs/debuffs to your liking.
-Recount is something i usually don't have up, only when i raid. So you are free to do whatever you want with it, most ppl know how to use it anyways.
-To fix gladius simply take up /gladius config, go to profiles in the list, and choose "Shiftix - Alonsus" from the dropdown menu "Copy from". After you have done that, close the window and do /gladius test to hide it again. You can also rescale gladius to your liking, i like it large so i can see the enemy castbars easier.
- Right click on the map to bring up config, go to profiles, choose Shiftix - Alonsus from the dropdown menu "Copy from". Next unlock the map in the general tab, and move it to the lower right corner. Remember to lock it again.
-To fix the cast bars, bring up /quartz and choose "toggle bar lock", move them directly under the unitframes, and the focus cast bar to wherever you want it. Lock the cast bars again.
-To move the tooltip do /tip anchor and move it to where you want it. Click the X when you are done.
-To change the SLDatatext in the middle, simply type /sldt global to bring up the config window. Choose Shiftix-alonsus from the "Copy from" dropdown menu.

This should cover it all, tell me in the comments if you have any issues with it. I read them almost every day.

If your class has a "power bar" (runes/holy power/shards):
-Go to /suf to enter shadowed unit frames config.
-Go to unit configuration
-Module control or bars, not quite sure. I will confirm that later.

If you have any questions send me a message here, on AJ or in-game, i play on:
Alonsus Alliance, Shiftix (Druid)

//Shiftix, Alonsus Alliance

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Wow man, was just looking around today for some insperation for my ui that i was going to make.
Dont have to do that now when i found this one.
Will just make some minor modifications and i will be ready to go in no time
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