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Critline  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 4.1.1
by: Lombra [More]

Original concept by Sordit. Rewritten by Uggh and Feyde, now maintained (and pretty much re-rewritten) by me.

Critline is an addon that will remember your highest hits and crits (including heals and pet attacks), and display them in a fairly simple tooltip. It sports many features by default, including filtering, a standalone frame, splash on new record and more. All this can be disabled if you just want the basic functionality. Read on for more info!


The filter module lets you control what you record and what you show.
It comes with integrated aura and mob filters, for those known auras/mobs that may mess up your records. You can also add custom entries.
The spell filter lets you choose which spells you will be notified upon breaking their records, and will show up in tooltips.

This module can be disabled by deleting filters.lua in your Critline folder.

The splash module, when enabled, will display a message on your screen whenever you break a record. You can choose to use the default style, or have the messages make use of your combat text addon of choice.

This module can be disabled by deleting splash.lua in your Critline folder.

The display module allows for easy access to all your records. It will show the normal and crit record of each tree, and when you hover over the frame, it will show you a tooltip with all the records.

This module can be disabled by deleting display.lua in your Critline folder.

The minimap module provides easy access to the options. Right click it to show the config frame, and left click it to toggle the display frame.

This module can be disabled by deleting minimap.lua in your Critline folder.

This module allows you to let people know of your records. You can choose which channel to announce in.

This module can be disabled by deleting announce.lua in your Critline folder.

This module lets you permanently delete records if you've gotten some records from a quest item or something otherwise uninteresting, or just want to start over. It also lets you undo records achieved in the last fight.

This module can be disabled by deleting reset.lua in your Critline folder.

This module allows you to share settings among characters, and manage profiles easily.\\
The spell profile contains all your spell records, as well as data regarding which trees you are recording.\\
The "general" profile contains all other settings. This profile is character specific by default.\\
This way you can use the same general settings (such as functionality and appearance) on all your characters, while still using separate spell databases.

The general and spell profiles are stored separately, and will not collide. For example, you can use the 'Default' profile both for the general and the spell profiles. They are not considered the same. Changes made to the general profile would not affect the spell profile.

This module can be disabled by deleting profiles.lua in your Critline folder. Note that profiles will still be used, you are only disabling the ability to manage them.

This module provides a DataBroker feed for each tree, that shows the records, much like the display module.
You can shift click it to insert your top records into the chat, or click it normally to open the config.

This module can be disabled by deleting Broker.lua in your Critline folder.

Aura tracker

This module mainly exists for debugging purposes and does not actually affect the addon in any way.
It registers auras that you and neutral and hostile NPCs have gained, and displays them in a sortable and filterable list. Spell ID and NPC ID of the caster is included.

This module can be disabled by deleting AuraTracker.lua in your Critline folder.

If you are willing and able to provide localization, please head over to the localization page at CurseForge, or PM me your contribution here on WoWInterface! It's greatly appreciated.

- Add tooltip exceptions for Arcane Missiles, Slam, Feed Pet, Wyvern Sting, Intercept, Bloodthirst and Chimera Shot.
- All custom fonts should now work properly for the splash messages.
- Add Corruption:Absolute (Cho'gall) to aura filter.
- Update combat log event code for patch 4.2.
- ToC bump.

- Remove water elemental from class pets as it's now treated as a permanent pet.
- Add Kill Command tooltip exception.
- Move aura tracker out of the filter module and into its own module.
- Aura tracker should now pick up auras even when no source was provided.
- Pet damage will now obey aura filtering.
- Fix error occuring upon attacking filtered targets.
- Add Berserking (battlegrounds), Spirit's Vengeance (Bloodord Mandokir) and Sunder Rift (Jin'do) to aura filters.
- Add High Priest Venoxis to mob filter.
- Add new spell IDs for some Cataclysm raid auras.
- Add Ragezone (normal mode Deadmines), and remove it from target aura, since it no longer increases damage taken.
- Periodic healing done to yourself while under the effects of a filtered (healing-received-increased) aura should now be properly filtered.
- Periodic effects can now be registered if it ticks on a vulnerable target, as long as the effect was applied before the vulnerability aura. (somewhat experimental)
- Spells in the reset and announce lists will now be grayed out if they're filtered.
- Toggling short number format should no longer affect the Broker objects whose tree is disabled.
- Do not ignore pet damage when player is mind controlled.

- Updated for WoW 4.1.
- Added Sweeping Strikes and Aimed Shot! exceptions.
- Removed pre-4.1 compability code.

- Hunter traps will now properly display tooltip records.
- "Include old record" moved from splash module to core. Applies to both chat frame and splash messages.
- Second attempt at including old record in chat frame output.
- Made critical record message in the chat frame slightly more distinguishable from a non crit.
- Do not show pet auto attack records in the regular auto attack tooltip.

- Records printed to the chat frame can now be shortened, and can once again include the previous record.
- Added Aerial Command Unit back to mob filter. Not eligible for aura tracking.
- Splash frame records can now be shortened when no previous record is included in the message.
- Do not try to load AceDBOptions since we're not using it.
- You can now specify the sound effect played on new records. (LibSharedMedia)
- Pet auto attack records are now displayed on the pet attack action tooltip.
- Added Hellscream's Warsong, Strength of Wrynn, Singed and Chemical Cloud to aura filters.

* Rewrote database to store spells by ID rather than name. This is more flexible and opens up a few possibilities.
* Most spells will be carried over to the new database, but others (mostly procs and item effects) will be lost.
- Absorb effects are now stored as healing records. Uses the remaining absorb amount when you apply shields.
- Added option to use shorter number format for records. (eg 13 k instead of 13000)
- Added option to display records in its spell's tooltip.
- Spells that have different versions, but identical effects, (such as "Pyroblast!" and "Ravage!") are now treated as one and the same.
- Added compability for patch 4.1.
- Certain guardian type pets should once again have their records properly registered.
- Periodic damage is now annotated by an asterisk (*) or the word "tick" rather than DoT/HoT.
- Removed some legacy code.
- Some code and performance optimisation.
- Implemented basic filtering based on target auras. For now you have to be in combat log range when an aura is applied or removed for the addon to register it. See filters.lua for details.
- Implemented a basic aura tracker (mostly for debugging purposes). Type '/critline aura' to show or hide it.
- Removed option to invert spell filter. From now on unchecked spells are filtered, and new spells are not filtered by default.
- Added option to automatically filter newly registered spells. (disabled by default)
- Spell filter now shows spell tooltip and associated records on mouseover.
- Spells with no records are no longer kept in the database for the purpose of saving its filter flag.
- Added Drakeadon Mongrel and Exposed Head of Magmaw to mob filter.
- Added Power Generator, Engulfing Magic, Lightning Charge and Blessing of the Sun (heroic) to aura filter.
- The different panels' background color can now be changed as desired.
- The frame can now be scaled up to 200%. (from 150%)
- The frame's alpha can now be changed.
- It should no longer be possible to force show the frame when no trees are enabled, resulting in a weird appearance.

- Reset and announce spell lists had their appearance redesigned. Click to directly do your thing, instead of checking and then clicking.
- New records achieved in the last fight can now be undone in the reset module. Eligible spells will have a different button.
- Spell profiles should now display the correct used profiles at all times.
- Updated libraries.

- Added Karsh Steelbender, Ragnaros (Mount Hyjal) and Debilitated Apexar to mob filter.
- Added Tidal Surge, Pyrogenics, Blessing of the Sun, Empowering Twilight, Invocation of Flame, Red Mist, Ragezone and Frothing Rage to aura filter.

- Clicking the Announce button rather than pressing enter should now properly announce.
- Added support for LibSharedMedia for selecting splash font.
- Disabled adding spells to filter from the spell book to avoid tainting.
- Removed leftover debugging for when moving the display frame.

- Fixed adding spells to filter from the spell book.
- Fixed display moving on login when using a scale other than 100%.

- Updated for 4.0.
- Disabled adding auras to the aura filter by clicking for now.

- Updated German localisation.
- Added Russian localisation.
- The announce spell list will now properly be refreshed after resetting records.
- Updated Ace3 libraries. (fixes occasional error upon deleting profiles if you didn't already have updated libraries)
- Fixed tooltip sorting option.

- DoT/HoT suffix is now properly hidden in the tooltip when no direct entry of the same spell exists.
- Fixed some errors related to dual spec.
- Fixed adding mobs to filter.
- Added hack for direct spells being treated as periodic, and thus getting filtered incorrectly. (so far only the Divine Storm heal)
- Fixed error that could, under certain circumstances, occur when you gained or lost a (de)buff.

* Rewrote a lot of code. Modules are now actually independent of each other, and can be removed as desired.
* Options are now split up more, in their respective module's category.
* Now using AceDB-3.0 for saved variables management. See addon description for more info.
* Also implemented LibDualSpec. You can have profiles automatically change upon respeccing.
* Unfortunately, the first time you login on a character that has data from a previous version, all general settings will be reset.
* It is recommended that you delete your old Critline folder, as the folder structure has changed significantly.
- Added aura filter UI. You can now add custom auras by providing spell ID or shift-clicking a buff or debuff with the UI open.
- Improved aura filter. Will now try to filter spells that were cast with a special aura, but ticks after you lost it.
- Removed the ability to specify custom tooltip formats. Was just a lot of trouble for little to no gain.
- The trees in the standalone frame can no longer be explicitly set, and are instead tied to whether they are being registered.
- Added an option to to show a text label instead of an icon in the display frame.
- Added option to only register spells from the spell book. (eg no items, procs, vehicles etc)
- The font style of the splash frame can now be changed.
- Fixed rare bug where spells would not be properly alphabetically sorted.
- Added option to disregard of additional damage due to vulnerability.
- Added support for Ebon Gargoyle attacks.
- Water Elemental attacks will now be registered when using the Glyph of Eternal Water.
- Added Essence of the Blood Queen (Blood Queen Lana'thel) to aura filter.
- Added Storm Power from 25 man Hodir to aura filter.

- Added Phantom Hallucination to mob filter.
- Added Gastric Bloat (Festergut) to aura filter.
- Scaling the summary frame or the splash frame will no longer relocate them.
- Filtered auras are now tracked more accurately. (spell ID is available where it previously was not)
- You can now reset the standalone display's position with '/cl reset'.

- Added Spanish localisation by Vladixlaus.
- Added Aerial Command Unit, Fjola Lightbane, Eydis Darkbane and Icehowl to mob filter.
- Reset scroll frame should no longer misbehave after deleting filtered records.
- Modified some text colors in the detailed summary view to make it more readable.
- Removed some legacy code. Data from versions <2.1.0 will no longer be converted.
- Shift clicking the Broker plugin will now announce the highest record in that tree.
- ToC bump for 3.3.

- Added Parrot SCT support.
- You can now choose to print record notifications to the chat frame.

- 'Show old record' setting will now stick between sessions.

- Updated for patch 3.2.
- Added German localisation by Destoxillo.
- Changed spell ID for Burning Adrenaline, again. (should've worked the first time...)
- Added option to display previous record with "New record" messages.

- Should no longer register unwanted quest pet records when you have your regular pet summoned.
- Added Overwhelming Power (hard mode Assembly of Iron, normal and heroic) to aura filter.

- Fixed scaling settings not being remembered between sessions.

- Spells with a direct and a periodic effect will now be stored separately.
- As a result of the above, database structure has changed slightly.
- Spells that has no crit record will now only display its normal record in the summary.
- Periodic spells will have DoT/HoT appended to its name in the summary tooltip only if the non periodic effect is visible, as well.
- Now using combat log unit flags for new possibilities!
- Record PvP no longer needs to be enabled to track healing done to players.
- Removed "Ignore self damage" option. Damage done to any friendly unit is no longer tracked.
- Healing done to hostile units is no longer tracked.
- Healing now ignores the level filter.
- DAMAGE_SHIELD type effects (Thorns, Retribution Aura etc) are no longer tracked.
- Hopefully fixed custom tooltip formatting.
- Added Fury of the Storm, Speed of Invention, Fortitude of Frost and Resilience of Nature from the Yogg-Saron encounter to aura filter.
- Added Shadow Crash (General Vezax) to aura filter. (untested)
- Added options to ignore integrated mob and aura filters respectively. (off by default)
- Record sorting dropdown menu should no longer be empty on login.
- Added Metanoia (Valkyrion Aspirant) to aura filter.
- Improved pet tracking. Should now only register your class pets.
- Merged the invert options for each tree into one.
- Lots of small performance and memory improvements.

- Added Potent Pheromones (Freya) to aura filter.
- Added Unstable Sun Beam (Elder Brightleaf) to aura filter.
- Added Death Knight Understudy to mob filter.
- Added Storm Power (Hodir) to aura filter.

- Fixed combat log event handler. Records should now be recorded again.
- Fixed slash command.

* Renamed simply Critline with new version numbering. (hopefully for the last time!)
- Mobs can now be added by name, in addition to by target. (case insensitive)
- Added Heart of the Deconstructor to mob filter.
- Added Rune of Power (Assembly of Iron) to aura filter.
- Actually register UNIT_ENTERED/EXITED_VEHICLE events...

- All XML code rewritten in Lua. End user shouldn't notice any significant difference due to this.
- Changed database formats for better readability. Records and filters are kept, but other settings are reset.
- Tooltip format for detailed summary can now be customised to your liking. See advanced options for details.
- Main GUI is now draggable by right mouse button at the text area. Left clicking the icon will open options, right click hides the button.
- Added sorting option for summary tooltip. (alphabetically/crit/normal)
- Changed default detailed tooltip format.
- Added Might of Mograine (death knight story line) to aura filter.
- Switched to AceLocale for localization.
- Various cosmetic changes.

- Fixed an error caused by an unintentionally added database entry. Broken databases will be repaired.
- Removed some deprecated database entries that will never be used. (date and count)

- Records in the tooltip is now sorted by crit amount > normal amount > spell name.
- Added an option to use scrolling combat text instead of the default splash frame. Currently supports Mik SBT and SCT in addition to Blizzard's.
- 'Move splash frame' is now a regular button rather than a check button.
- Now using another (hopefully correct) spell ID for Burning Adrenaline.

- Toggling standalone display via the minimap button is now permanent.
- Dragging the minimap button should now function properly.
- Added a single letter indicator for the Broker feeds.

- Added option to ignore self inflicted damage. (off by default)
- Fixed critical strike text error that occured on certain locales.
- Added Blessing of the Crusade (Icecrown quest) to aura filter.

- Fixed 'Move splash frame' option.
- Added Iron's Bane (Storm Peaks quest) to aura filter.

- Implemented LibDataBroker feed, which replaces Titan and FuBar plugins. FuBar users needs install Broker2FuBar
- Fixed standalone display scaling not being saved between sessions.
- Fixed the "Play sound" option.
- Attacks when in a vehicle should no longer be recorded in the pet section.
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Unread 09-08-15, 04:41 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Exclamation Addon Outta Date

v4.1.1 Is Outta Date Please Update Too v4.6.6
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Unread 10-20-14, 06:48 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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It's Moved...

I found an update for 6.0.2 over on Curse.
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Unread 08-06-13, 07:54 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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is this mod dead or been renamed to something else? or can i get permission to update it? i really miss this mod
Last edited by mec666 : 08-06-13 at 08:50 AM.
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Unread 11-29-11, 06:58 AM  
A Molten Giant
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Good to hear!
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Unread 11-28-11, 01:32 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I just wanted to thank you Lombra, I updated recently and it works like a charm
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Unread 08-05-11, 02:40 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I don't know Critline Tooltip so I couldn't advise where to find an update. However Critline does what you want, you have an option to add regular and crit top scores in respective tooltip
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Unread 08-04-11, 06:56 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Critline Tooltip?

There used to be an excellent plug-in for this add-on called Critline Tooltip, where the top regular and top crit for each ability could be seen when hovering over it's action button. I haven't played in a while, and have an old version of it, but can't seem to find where it's gone and if I could find it again. Anyone by chance use it, have an updated one, or know where I can get an updated one?
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Unread 07-28-11, 07:24 AM  
A Molten Giant
Lombra's Avatar
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If you want to give it a go, sure. I won't blame you if you give up, though. :P I know how hard it can be to translate everything properly. In fact, I probably wouldn't have had locales at all if they weren't there when I first took over the project. Don't get me wrong, though, I'm happy to implement any provided locales!

The thing with the level scan is that I prefer to use the global strings available when possible. In this case I'm using "Level", but since in French the first letter is not upper case, it won't work. There are other global strings that exactly matches the various tooltip formats, so I just need to figure out how to use them in a good way. I'm also a bit lazy so I've not really looked into it yet. :P
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Unread 07-27-11, 11:34 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Oh ok, simple enough actually.
if text:match("niveau") then
in core.lua line 795 and I get [1]=85 with the french client. I guess a locale would do the trick.

Speaking of which, there's no frFR.lua do you want me to attempt a translation?
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Unread 07-26-11, 07:40 PM  
A Molten Giant
Lombra's Avatar
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Ah, I thought that might've been the case. No worries! I thought the current implementation would work on all locales, but apparently not. I will definitely try to make it work (should not be a big problem), as that's what I intended to in the first place. (or whoever actually created this function, can't remember)

Thanks for the info!
Grab your sword and fight the Horde!
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Unread 07-26-11, 02:41 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Ah, I may now understand your surprise. Let me explain.

I use the french client, and with this version the dump command returns [1]=-1.
BUT I switched to English (EU) since it's now possible within the interface, the launcher downloaded some files and I logged in to be as precise as possible concerning the tooltip. Guess what? The dump command now returns the correct level [1]=85 since I was in Hyjal for Firelands' quests.

Maybe it just happens with the french client, I couldn't say, and frankly I don't see myself installing the other clients for the space and time it requires.

Do you still intend to fix it then?
Do you need me to give you an example of a french tooltip or the english one will still do?

Edit: in case you still work on it.
English tooltip
Dump: value=Critline:GetLevelFromGUID(UnitGUID"mouseover")
Charred Flamewaker
Level 85 Humanoid
Releasing the Pressure
- Ecaille attise-flammes: 100/100
(yes, the quest object is still in french, yay localization!)

French tooltip
Dump: value=Critline:GetLevelFromGUID(UnitGUID"mouseover")
Attise-flammes calciné
Humanoïde niveau 85
Libérer la pression
- Ecaille attise-flammes: 100/100
And sorry for the big misunderstanding, I should have said I'm using the french client
Last edited by Jashugan : 07-26-11 at 03:00 PM.
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Unread 07-26-11, 10:04 AM  
A Molten Giant
Lombra's Avatar
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Forum posts: 554
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Uploads: 24
Thanks. Is the tooltip output directly quoted? Ie is the text _exactly_ like that? Especially the second line, where the level goes, is of interest. If it is, do you mind trying this again, only this time without other addons enabled?
Grab your sword and fight the Horde!
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Unread 07-25-11, 02:42 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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The first command keeps returning:
Dump: value=Critline:GetLevelFromGUID(UnitGUID"mouseover")
The second one gives a much better result:
Dump: value=Critline:GetLevelFromGUID(UnitGUID"mouseover")
<tooltip information>
ie I was in Searing Gorge and I had the quest with Glassweb Spider, it gave me:
Dump: value=Critline:GetLevelFromGUID(UnitGUID"mouseover")
Glassweb Spider
Beast level 46
A Proper Antivenom
- Glassweb Venom: 0/14
Without a quest, it returns name, type and level.
Last edited by Jashugan : 07-25-11 at 02:43 PM.
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Unread 07-22-11, 01:00 PM  
A Molten Giant
Lombra's Avatar
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Forum posts: 554
File comments: 271
Uploads: 24
Could you do this while hovering over various creatures, and see if it prints the appropriate level:
/dump Critline:GetLevelFromGUID(UnitGUID"mouseover")
And in case it does not, if you could do the same thing with this and tell me what it says, that'd be cool: (supposedly in a macro)
/dump Critline:GetLevelFromGUID(UnitGUID"mouseover")
/run for i = 1, CritlineTooltip:NumLines() do print(_G["CritlineTooltipTextLeft"..i]:GetText()) end
Grab your sword and fight the Horde!
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Unread 07-18-11, 09:42 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I confirm I have nothing but (??).
Last edited by Jashugan : 07-18-11 at 09:57 AM.
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