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by: Tekkub [More]

Spew is a dev tool based off Iriel's DevTools and Ace2's /dump commands. It does the same basic thing (running lua code snippets and printing out the results), but in a slightly different way.

Why did I create Spew?

  • I liked DevTools, but didn't like it's output style (sorry Iriel)
  • I liked Ace2's style, but not it's code (table recursion so deep you need a timer to ensure you don't execute too long? Gag me with spoon!)
  • I hated how both these addons spammed up the chatframe
So what does Spew do? Simple, you give it a bit of lua and it evaluates it. If the result is a table or frame, it pops open a panel and dumps detailed info. It the result is a simple value or multiple values, it prints a single line is the chatframe. Like Ace2, Spew will call various :Get*, :Is* and :Can* functions on frames and outputs their results. It will also shallow-recurse one level into subtables, and print up to 5 values for each.

To run spew, simply type /spew some_lua_here. The frame can be opened by simply typing /spew

Spew can also list all visible frames under the mouse with the /spew mouse command.

Spew will, of course, take advantage of AddonLoader if it is present and not load until it's slash command is used.


Visit my site for more info.
Please report all bugs and feature requests to my Google Code tracker
Alpha builds can be found on github.
Please direct all feedback and questions to my Google Groups mailinglist

Click here to lend your support!
Don't recurse too deeply into tables
Change '/spewmouse' to '/spew mouse'... seem AddonLoader can only handle a single slash handler
Add button to clear spewings
Don't escape out special chars like '\n'
Fix error with spewings that contain square brackets
Add /spewmouse for querying what frames are under the mouse
- /wuv Wobin's Where's My Cow? for this code
Echo back the input when outputting single-line spewings
Embed update
And so it begins...
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