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Version: 1.0
by: gull [More]

This addon is designed for using by dps classes and raid/dps leaders.

-shows max selected target name
-helps with selecting a target
-helps with monitoring raid member's targets
-works in party, 10 people and 25 people raid instances

This addon is working only in party/raid environments.
Then active the addon shows square grid filled with red and green squares and max selected unit name in the middle of addon's frame.
Every square represents a player in a party or in a raid.
Green square means this player selected right target and red means this player selected wrong target or no target at all.
By clicking on green squares you can choose the right target aswell.
By moving mouse cursor over a square you will see the raid member name and his/her target.

Any comments, suggestions or usage report are more then welcome

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Magic !

Seems to work with the 3.0.2 patch. (only test one time in ZA)

In case that you plan to maintain it,
I'have one major feature that I like to see.

The possibility to hide the frame. (when we're in party/raid or when we want)

Minor things that I want. (we want )
Change the frame level
Change the size

In all case,
thanks for this little thing, very sympathic.
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