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AutoInvite by Martag  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.3.5
by: zacharysc [More]

AutoInvite 2.3.5
* Cataclysm Support, Bug Fixes, Minor Updates

Created on September 13, 2008 by Martag on the server Greymane

Used to Automatically Invite players into a group/raid based on what and where they say certain "trigger" keys.

There are several options available in the easy to use interface.

To open the interface, type /ai or /autoinvite
Players may also disable or enable the addon at any time via /ai disable or /ai enable.

Interface Options
To enable the addon: Click the "Enable Addon" box

User Invite Queue Manager
+ Now automatically add players to a queue list.
+ Can manually invite players, remove players, or invite all players

Auto Convert to Raid
+ Will automatically convert the group into a raid when the first person joins.

Guildies Only
+ This will make it so that the addon will only send guild members an invite!

Max number of Players
+ Limit the number of players allowed in the raid!

+ Type the keys you wish people to use when they whisper you for an invite! You may have multiple keys!
+ Separate the keys by using a semicolon ;

+ This is the message that will be sent to the selected channels!
+ To have your triggers/keys in the message, type <key> where you would like them placed!

Where to Spam
+ Select the channels you would like your mesasge to be sent to when you hit the [Spam] button!
+ You can now have a custom channel!

Listening Channels
+ Can now select where you want the addon to autoinvite from!

Add to Queue:
+ Add currently online guild members or your online friends to the queue manager!

Auto Promote:
+ Now have your friends send you a whisper with "!promote <your-special-key>" for them to get raid assist!

Black List
+ Add baddies to this list and their whispers will be ignored and they will not be invited!

Please make any suggestions that you may have!
Also, please report any bugs!

* I understand there is another addon called "AutoInvite", and in no way or form is my AddOn made from this old, outdated AddOn.

* Anticipated Features
** Automatically respam ever "X" minutes (Restricting to minimum of 2 minutes- I don't like spammers :p )
** Add option to kick players below level "X" if raid is full
** Saved raid rosters? maybe? Automatically add saved roster to queue manager for invite? maybe?

Version 2.3.5
* Bug fixes (can't remember which ones)
** Fixed "Autoconverting to raid" spam bug
** Fixed inviting blacklisted players bug
** Fixed "inviting if not able to" bug'
** Fixed invite word filter bug
** Fixed various inviting bugs

* Revamped BlackList window
** (Queue manager and main window are eventually going to follow this same style)

Version 2.3.2
* Added Auto Promote
** Utilize "!promote <your-key-here>" for your friends to automatically get raid assist
* Added "Online Friends" button
** This will add currently online friends into the queue manager

* No longer restricts invites to players below level 80
* Changed: Invite Guild button now automatically uses queue manager
* changed: Invite Guild, Online Friends buttons will automatically clear the current queue list

Version 2.3

* Added "Clear All" button to Queue List
* Added "Black List", add players to the list to ignore their trigger key
** Access the BlackList via "/ai bl" or the main AutoInvite window
** Blacklist included an Remove button with confirmation
* Added BlackList removal confirmation window
* Added the option to not listen through whispers(?)
* Added truncating of "Comments" in the queue manager to stop overflow of text

* Fixed automatic AIBlackList UI scale
* Fixed "Guildies Only" checkbox, will no longer automatically be checked on load
* Fixed trigger key checking (finally)
* Fixed auto convert to raid (again)

* Item links will no longer show in the "Comments" in the queue manager

Version 2.2.5
* Fixed major bug with inviting players
* Removed level 80 checking (for now, could readd later), any level will be automatically invited

Version 2.2
* Added Player Queue Manager
** Automatically place players in a queue manager to control who gets invited.
* Added New timer feature for guild invite/player queue manager for flood control!

Version 2.03.1
* Corrected AddOn Trying to convert to raid when not the party leader

Version 2.03
* Updated for Patch 3.2
* New 'Listening Channels' options
* Now reads incoming messages correctly for triggers
* New 'Max Raiders' option, with limiting
* Can Now Press 'Esc' key to exit the UI

Version 1.9.8
* Addon window now scales according to User's UI scale (Maybe new scale and opacity option later on?)
* Added "Where to Spam", hitting the [Spam] button will send your message to the selected channels
* (Re)organized the main interface

Version 1.9.7
* Updated version for Warcraft 3.1

Version 1.9.6
* Fixed addon not inviting if "Guildies Only" was unchecked
* (Useless) Cleaned up some coding

Version 1.9.5
* New Layout
* Now Supports Multiple Triggers
* Can invite if trigger is said in Guild Chat
* New Option to Auto. Convert to Raid
* New Option for Guildies only trigger
* Updated for WOTLK

# Only invites level 80 characters, minimm level option coming soon.

Version 1.9.3
* No longer tries to invite if user is unable to invite (eg. not raid assistant / party leader / raid leader).
* Tries to retrieve a fresh guild list before inviting guild members.

Version 1.9.2
* Updated to work with Patch 3.0
* No longer tries to convert to raid while enabled, but not raid/party leader.

Version 1.9
* Now invites only level 70s
* Keyphrases now saved automatically (they will not always reset back to "invite101" on logout);
* You can now have your own custom spam message!
** Use <key> in your message and it will automatically be replaced by your keyphrase when you spam!
** Eg. "Invites have Started! Whisper me with "<key>" to receive an automatic invite!"
* Layout design changed slightly to accomodate new features.

Version 1.8
* Fixed "invite guild" not inviting unless already existing party member.
* Fixed auto converting to raid feature when addon is disabled.
* Changed description
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A Defias Bandit

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doesnt work

hey, i just tried this again, it doesn't work whats up with that?

i have enable addon selected,

auto convert to raid,

i set the key to "inv"

i added it inbetween "<inv>" to recieve an invite.

i set where to spam /1 general /guild

i set watch for triggers in "general " whispers"

i turned on auto promote

still when i spam and ppl msg me "inv" nothing happens, when i manually invite, players don't get assist.
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Unread 06-13-11, 09:03 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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* Anticipated Features
** Automatically respam ever "X" minutes (Restricting to minimum of 2 minutes- I don't like spammers ) ADD THIS NOW
** Add option to kick players below level "X" if raid is full ADD THIS NOW
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