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Version: 0.02
by: EVmaker [More]

Mod is essentially discontinued due to the fact hunters no longer use mana, if another use for a similar check is found then there will be further releases.

Simple Viper Warning is a simple little mod for hunters which puts a noticeable but not obnoxious display to WoW when they are at
full mana and have aspect of the viper still on, to remind them to switch off it.

I know there are a number of this type of mod out there already, but after looking at a couple that either used too
processor/memory intensive means of doing it, or lacked any options/options you could configure without lua editing, I wrote this
for my fiance's hunter and thought others may find it useful as well. I do plan to add more features to it and more customization
as well.

The only options as of the moment are turning the warning on or off (/svw toggle) and setting the color of the warning (/svw color),
I fully plan to add more features and requests in the future (remember, theres that handy feature request section of the portal for
posting ideas and suggestions located here)

3.3 Compatibility and TOC Update.

First release.
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