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Version: 0.07
by: EVmaker [More]

SkillsPayBills is a small simple mod which records the profession links for your characters that run the mod whenever you open the profession window, or whenever it updates while the window is open.

You can then easily list the profession links when on any other character that runs the mod, which solves those "Oh soandso, what glyphs can you make for <insert class here>" with the inevitable "ugh, let me switch and link it" type scenario.

(Still useful for characters that are not in the same guild, and will be adding support for storing the professions of characters of others)

As always if you have any features you would like or bugs to report please make use of the Portal as I check it regularly.

Slash commands are: (can use /spb or /skillspaybills)
/spb info
lists your current characters profession links

/spb who
lists which characters currently have profession links availible

/spb list
used to list the profession links of an availible character, for example: /spb list shiyoru

/spb clear
clears a characters profession links, for example: /spb clear shiyoru
if you type /spb clear professions, then it will clear all profession data

/spb reset
resets settings to the defaults and clears all links


In-Line Todos:
* Add a basic GUI/Minimap button/LDB Displayer

Future Todo:

Eternal Todos:
* Eliminate any bugs (if any)

TOC update for 5.3, fixed a bug that prevented the mod from working (related to getting the localized name of a trade)

TOC update for 5.0.4, nothing broke for SkillsPayBills.

Simply the cataclysm/4.01 compatible release, otherwise same as 0.03.

3.3 Compatibility and TOC Update.

Functional multi-realm support, now only characters with data on the same realm as you are currently on will show in the list. Also trying to view characters on a different realm will show "character is on a different realm". Characters with the same name on different realms won't cause any issues. Improved the look of the profession link printouts as well.

Added a slash for clearing certain characters profession links. Also fixed an issue where profession links already recorded wouldn't update when the profession's skill was raised afterward.

Initial release, has slash commands for info, who, and list; which print the profession links for your current characters professions, lists which characters profession links are available, and list for listing any available characters profession links respectively.
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Originally Posted by flaicher
Extremely useful addon
Some kind of GUI would be nice but it's really helpful/timesaving like the way it is now.
Thank you, glad you find it helpful too.

My current goal is a overall rewrite of the GUI's for my mods and to make GUI's for ones that don't have one currently like SkillsPayBills.
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Extremely useful addon
Some kind of GUI would be nice but it's really helpful/timesaving like the way it is now.
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