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Version: 1.3a
by: Aesh [More]

Ok i am back and this is time to slowly work on my addons.

This is a very simple addon .
Lua config only.On top of code you find litle comments and config .

I stil learning lua , so sorry for my mistakes with code .

This is a very simple addon to adding borders arround chat windows,class colored or custom colored.Visually improve chat windows and UI.

When i first saw some UI's with borders arround chat windows i loved it , but all of them (which i find arround) have dependencies , But i dont love only for 1 addon to use 2 or 3 addons , and one day i was think ''Hey i have brain in head too, Lets try and learn something new ,learning new things is always funny,and write own addon without dependencies,''

And the learning starts.I read most of wikies or links founded here.
I know many languages,but english is not one of them ,read on foreign language is still very hard.I dont understand maybe 30% of my readings (yeah i know i am suck)
My adventure of learning is mostly try and error style.So sorry for my bad english ,

Big thanx for all addons writers here which code i diging, looking and learning, All of them is a very talented coders.
Dawn, Neav ,Tekkub, Phanx ,Haste ,Zork ,Pelim, Funkydude and all of authors which names i dont remember at this time. (sorry)

I hope you like my addon.Enjoy

version 1.3a
Just toc bump

Version 1.3
1.Reduced code size
2.Added some option on top of file.
3.Updated to work with latest patch

Version 1.2
1.Added Border to all Chat wndows
2.Toc Bump 3.3
and some small modifications.

Version 1.1
1.Added Borders for Chat edit box too
2.Added option to move Edit box on top.Lua config only.
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Re: Nice!

Originally posted by Slaxi81
Works Good, looking Great. Thanks for this and good luck for the next addon : )

Ty very much Slaxi
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Works Good, looking Great. Thanks for this and good luck for the next addon : )

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