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Elitist Group Sender

Version: v1.1
by: Shadowed [More]

EGS is a version of Elitist Group that will send your gear and main data when people request it. In general, the addon is passive and does very little. It only does something when another Elitist Group user requests your data. While in combat, communications are queued until you leave combat.

This is purely for people who want to respond to gear requests from Elitist Group or want to make sure people using Elitist Group see their main experience on an alt, but don't want the entire Elitist Group addon. Do not run both of these at the same time!

Since it's meant to send very little, no sense in a GUI configuration. To use: /egs (/egsender)

/egs main - Sets your current character as your main
/egs channel [guild/raid/party/battleground] - Toggles what channel you will accept requests over, default everything but battleground on.
/egs list - Lists your current settings

Author: Shadowed <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Jan 21 22:31:23 2010 -0800
- Added .pkgmeta
- Initial commit, everything seems to be working
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Unread 06-21-10, 11:53 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Feature Request

I know you're keeping the addon small, but I don't think this would cause much bloat: Can you add a feature (or even make a separate tiny addon) to provide the raid/party/player url functionality of ElitistGroup/ElitistArmory? I generally prefer to pop up the url and examine the group on the web rather than wait until I'm near everyone to check out their stats. That would let me switch from EG to EGS, and reduce my addon load. Thanks!

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Unread 01-23-10, 03:04 PM  
Featured Addon Author

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Fixed, grab v1.0.1
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Unread 01-23-10, 02:47 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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15:40:40] ...ace\AddOns\ElitistGroupSender\ElitistGroupSender.lua:215: attempt to call field '?' (a nil value)
[C]: in function `?'
...ace\AddOns\ElitistGroupSender\ElitistGroupSender.lua:215: in function <...ace\AddOns\ElitistGroupSender\ElitistGroupSender.lua:214>
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