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ViviensRogueUi 5.0

Version: 5.0
by: angel100780 [More]


Updated for 5.x

This is a compilation of addons that I use with my rouge, as well as others that I just like having around.
Sry if my english is bad but as im german i hope you forgive me and understand me anyway. ^^ But if you have any questions feel free to post a comment and i try to answer it as fast as i can.

Supported Resolution: 1920x1080
Although, if things look funny when you log in for the first time, you can make your UI bigger or smaller in the graphics menu. If still looks anything funny you will have to adjuset the addons each by each until it looks like you like it.


Step One: Rename your WTF and Interface folders to WTF.saved and Interface.saved, so that if you want to undo the installation nothing is gone of your old interface.

* Step Two: Unzip the ViviensRogueUI to either your desktop(or where ever you want to unzip the files.)

* Step Three: Put the interface, WTF folder in your World of Warcraft directory.

* Step Four: Inside the WTF folder you will see an 'Account' folder. Enter that folder and inside there you will see a folder that says 'YOUR ACCOUNT NAME'. Rename this folder to your log in/account name. Make sure you put your account name in all caps!

* Step Five: Inside the 'YOUR ACCOUNT NAME' folder you will see a 'Your Server' folder. Rename this folder with your servers name.

* Step Six: Inside the 'Your Server' folder there is a 'Your Character Name' folder. Rename this folder with the character you wish to use this UI with.

* Step Seven: Log in.

* Step Eight: Profile Instructions:

Once you are logged in, make sure all profiles are set correctly. Here are a list of the addons witch profiles you may have to change so the interface is set right.

* Step Nine: Set the following addons profiles on Terodis - Ysera, Terodis or Schurke:

Docking Station, MoveAnything, Sexy Map

To configure Smart Buff type in chat /sbm. For configure Smart Mount type /smartmount.

* Step Ten: When you go ingame in the blizz menu, there will be a button Addons now. This is from ACP. This is a addon profile manager. Set on Magierin the first time. If you donīt want any of the addons to run on your char, just uncheck the box infront of each addon listed.

To change the language of my ui, go in the WTF file and open config with an editor and change the line SET locale from "deDE" to "enUS" then you have english instead of german language.

Special Thanks to:
Urtyp, thanks for your great work. Without you this compilation would not be possible. Thank you!
And to all the other addon authors for their hard work. Sry if i canīt mention you all here. But thank you all!

All set and cleaned up für Cata. Enjoy!

I let my addon folder have an diet. Some addons had to go because it was just too much. And i through out the other artpacks, if you want them go and download my artpack pls.
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Re: heh

Originally posted by Piwafwi
It's "Rogue" by the way.

Ah thx didnīt noticed i had it wrong. Im going to change it.^^ Thx!
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It's "Rogue" by the way.

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