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Tracking Plus

Version: 1.2.2
by: orgevo [More]

Cycles through tracking modes that you confgure. Compatible with class-specific tracking modes, such as Track Humanoids, Track Treasure, etc. User friendly configuration for specifying the delay before switching to the next tracking mode and order of the tracking mode cycle, along with several choices for when to suspend tracking mode cycling (fishing, combat, etc.).

When I originally needed this feature while playing, there were a few addons that did the same thing, but lacked the polish I was looking for. Some of them would cause constant feedback messages (You can't do that right now) as they tried to cycle tracking modes while my character was busy doing some other action, or would try to switch to the next tracking mode before the global cooldown was up from the last switch, stuff like that. The idea behind this addon is provide a tracking mode cycler that doesn't interfere with normal gameplay.

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