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kChatframe Graphics

Version: 1.0
by: sakurakira [More]

Some time ago I modified several of the default images for the chatframe for my own use. Because of the new chat graphics introduced in 3.3.5 I decided to update them and share.


Put the CHATFRAME folder into World of Warcraft\Interface. This is NOT an Addon, it does NOT belong in the Addon folder!

To remove the changes in the future, simply delete the CHATFRAME folder.


Images included in the package:

* Chat edit box, including 3.3.5 chat-type indicator border.
I understand that there are some people that do not like this feature, but I am not one of those. DO NOT delete these images. If you delete them from this package, then the default versions will appear instead. If you want to remove them, I suggest converting these images to PNG, opening them up in an image editor and erasing the image there, save the blank PNG, then convert back to BLP.

* Icons! Scroll icons, window icons, social icon in all states (up, down, disabled.)
The hover and flash blue glow seen in the preview are the default images. They go well with the WoW UI, so I decided to leave them.

* Cleaner chat window border.
These aren't really necessary, as the imperfections in the default images can only be seen under high zoom, but I decided to include them anyway.

A few things to keep in mind...

1. These are image replacements only, this is not a functional addon. It will not change anything about your chat box other than the UI elements. If you want an addon that does that, there are several here on wowinterface.

2. I made these for my own use. As such, I only changed the images I actually see regularly. I might accepts requests to add additional images. If you do make such a request, please try to be specific about the image, and if possible provide the name of the image.

3. I will NOT take requests for different colors, shapes, etc.

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