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Val'kyr Counter

Version: 1.0
by: Ingensu [More]

Val'Kyr Counter is an addon with a specific purpose: to keep track of how many Val'kyr spawned by Nibelung are active at any given time. In this version (1.0) it is a bare-bones sort of addon, with a very simplistic counter displayed next to an image of a Val'kyr. If a Val'kyr is killed or despawns, it is removed from the count.

- Movable frame with an easy-to-read counter next to an image of a Val'kyr.
- Maintains an accurate count of active Val'kyr, even with other users of the staff around.
- Not much else in 1.0, but I do have more planned.

Future Development
- Records: Keep track of the highest number of Val'kyr you've ever had at once. (Planning overall records and zone/raid-specific records, to avoid skewing data on fights like Onyxia whelps)
- Visual upgrades: Fade out/disappearing when no Val'kyr are active for a period of time, sleeker design.
- Customization: More flexible display, option of removing the Val'kyr and scaling the frame.

About This Mod
I originally created this for my boyfriend, a frost mage, who recently picked up the staff. He was interested in knowing exactly how many Valks he had up at any given point in time, so I whipped this up for him. Other people on our server expressed interest in knowing how many val'kyr they had, so I decided to release it, for better or worse.

Known Issues
- If you die with Val'kyr active, they will despawn, but the counter will not reset to zero until the Valks would have despawned on their own.
- If you disconnect with Val'kyr active, the counter will 'forget' about these val'kyr and reset its count to zero.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or issues, please let me know.

~ Devī

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