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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
Tomb of Sargeras (7.2.0)
Return to Karazhan (7.1.5)
Legion (7.0.3)
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Version: 1.3a Release
by: LaDyNaaMAH [More]

MyLoot provides extended autoloot settings for Blizzard's default UI, giving you options to set items you want, leaving junk on corpses, saves your precious time while killing large ammount of NPCs for any items (gold, materials etc.)

Please, before any bug report try disabling all addons and run game only with MyLoot enabled, if problem persists, report it, otherwise enable one addon by one until you find which one makes interference and report it to me, best on e-mail potvora [dot] alize [at] gmail [dot] com, thank you!

Any suggestions are welcome!

1.3a release - port to 70300 interface version, no changes to code made

1.3 beta - port to 70200 interface version, beta phase

1.2 release - Fixed very, very subtle imperfection in item link checking that was found by accident :D

1.1 release - MyLoot now don't save itemString part with exception of item ID, this should solve many minor issues (such as adding socketed items and then attempt to remove unsocketed and issues with WotLK itemlink format that includes level of character posting link). Removing old myloot.lua from .\WTF\Account\accname\SavedVariables required for update.

1.0 release - No bugs found, MyLoot is considered stable.

0.8 beta - added /ml quest command, fixed minor bug in shift + looting while loot aleready opened.

0.7 beta - protection against malformed links, addon now omits multispaces in command syntax.

0.6 beta - /ml list will now show clickable links... removing old myloot.lua from .\WTF\Account\accname\SavedVariables required for update, removing unadded entries will no longer cause issues.

0.5 beta - fixed minor bug in variable initialization, /ml spam command.

0.4 beta - added /ml off and /ml on commands, allowing to temporarily disable addon, added /ml list to show currently autolooted stuff, added protection preventing duplicate entries in loot list.

0.3 beta - fixed all known bugs, renamed to MyLoot because of common name.
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1.3 Beta
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it should autoloot money, but it was not tested in cataclysm, so it might not work as it did in classic/TBC/WotLK. I no longer play WoW, so sorry but i have no longer any means to test it...
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From my workshop:
MyLoot - v1.2 Release available.
ShoutControl - v0.1 Beta available.
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Autoloot money

Great addon! Is there a way to make it autoloot money, too?
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