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PhoenixStyle Broker

Version: 1.6
by: Tonyleila [More]

Phoenix Broker
is a simple Data Broker plugin to open and close the main window of PhoenixStyle.

LibDataBroker Info
- LDB is a small WoW addon library designed to provide a MVC interface for use in various addons.
- In a sense it's a lightweight FuBar or Titan Panel with various different display addons.
- I'd suggest using Bazooka, by mitch0, to display your DataBroker addons.

Thanks to SaraFdS for helping me with the code.

LeilaUI (Screenshot)
.. is Raiding and Arena interface with a good mix of
many usefull and small addons Download here!

Version 1.6 again
- removed MACOSX folder

Version 1.6
- .Toc update for 4.3
- small Tooltip text changes
- toc changes to work with curse client

Version 1.5
- added German local (tooltip)

Version 1.4
- added Tooltip
- added Icon

Version 1.3
- TOC update for 4.2

Version 1.2
- TOC update for 4.1

Version 1.1
- TOC update for 4.0
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