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nUI : InfoPanel [ Grid / Omen ]

Version: 4.0.1-14
by: Trockenbrot [More]

This Addon combines Grid and Omen3 into one Infopanel.

Tested with the following addons:
nUI+ 5.07.04 Development Version
WOW 4.0.1
Grid 1.40000.1370
Omen3 v3.0.11

Since everyone is telling about a higher threat-control difficult in cataclysm, i found the combination of both addons in one panel might be usefull.

You can stop your healings when you risk a healaggro.
Or you can see which person might need some heal in the next few secs.

This addon was tinkered by combining parts out of
Dual Stats from K. Scott Piel
Intergration [Grid] from Brillynt

So big thanks guys!

Known Bugs:

  • Biggest raidsize is 25! (there's just not anoth space for 40 ) When you join a bigger raid, the panel gets mezzed up.
  • Grid needs some configuration to fit into the panel.
    Goto the Grid Options and then to "Layout"
    Grid should be "locked" to prevent unwanted movement.
    Grid borderdistance should be reduced to 4
    scaling should be reduced to at least 80% better 75% (on my screen)

Seams since Patch 4.0.3 the scaling of Grid is no longer needed. YAY! ;-)
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