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Auto Reputation Watch

Version: 1.1
by: Rinuwise [More]

Simple addon that automatically sets the watched reputation whenever you gain reputation in another faction.

I like to keep my reputation bar open, but I never bother to manually change the watched reputation. Still, I want the reputation bar to always display whatever faction I'm gaining at the moment. For those lazy like me, this addon does the tedious switching job for you, changing the watched reputation whenever you gain reputation points in another faction.

There are other addons that provide similar feature, but most of them also provide features that I don't need. The one and only purpose of this addon is to handle the automatic switching of the watched reputation. Nothing more, nothing less.

Though the addon works fine without configuration, you can use "/arw" in game to make watched reputation switches verbose, stop the addon from looking into collapsed groups and to ignore particular reputations from being automatically watched.

If you have suggestions or bug reports, just leave a comment or use the issue tracker at the GitHub Project Page.


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- ARW will now look for factions within collapsed groups
- Added Slash commands
* "/arw" prints out slash commands and version
* "/arw ignore <faction>" ignores faction from auto watch
* "/arw unignore <faction>" enables auto watching faction
* "/arw verbose <on/off>" makes ARW inform about faction changes
* "/arw hidden <on/off>" can be used to prevent looking into collapsed groups


- First public release
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hey! this addon still works fine with 4.2 only has one small issue: when gaining Guild rep. it always says i'm neutral if i gain rep. but i'm allready benevolently...
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