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oUF Ten Layout (Updated for WoW 4.1)

Version: 4.1.0
by: Dessembrae [More]

oUF_Ten layout updated for WoW patch 4.1.0 (ToC's and PetHappiness).


Updated for new WoW 4.1 patch, which means removing the pet happiness and update ToC's.


Updated Raid Icons.
Small changes to placements.


Holy Power (Paladin)
Soul Shards (Warlock)
Runic Power (DeathKnight)
Eclipse Bar (Druid Balance)
Totem Bar (Shaman + oUF_TotemBar (Included in the download))
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Temporary fix for those with pets.

Quote out line 261 and 262 so it looks like this:

--		elseif(unit =='pet')  and UnitExists("pet") and GetPetHappiness() then
--			color = self.colors.happiness[GetPetHappiness()]
That should take care of the error in WoW 4.1 until I get around uploading a new version.

Regards, Dessembrae.
Dessembrae knows the sorrows in our souls.
He walks at the side of each mortal,
a vessel of regret on the fires of vengeance.
Dessembrae knows the sorrows,
and would now share them with us all.
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