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Version: 0.6
by: vlakarados, 10leej


Advancement is an experience/reputation bar based on sExperienceBar with some new features, such as rested bonus indicator, qxp bonus indicator(completed quest reward experience) and reports. As it still is in beta state, it shows reputation only for max level characters and experience for non-max level characters.


  • Full control over colors of the bar and the indicators.
  • Sizable
  • Draggable
  • 3 indicators: Experience/Reputation, Rested bonus, QXP.
  • QXP: Shows the completed quest reward experience, similar to the one in Flourish addon. Very handy when leveling to know when you can go to the other side of Azeroth to hand them and gain a level to get new p3w-p3w 5k!11z.
  • Reports menu: Reports experience or faction reputation information to such channels as party, raid, guild, say, whisper and Battle.net.
  • Automatic reports: Responds to !exp / !rep keywords in whispers and channels listed above with reports, so when leveling in pair/party/guild (cataclysm is near) it will be easy for others to know your progress without bothering. Also it helps when group-grinding faction rep.
Install as any other addon and it will appear in the top center of your screen, right click for configuration and unlocking for dragging to the position of your choice.

Known issues:
  • Only reports the active, watched faction reputation, it doesn't bother when reporting, but when responding to keywords it can be quite annoying.
Bug reporting/feature requests:
  • In the comments.
  • Appropriate buttons to the right, below the Download button.

- Removed replying functionality as it never really worked well
- Fixed some issues with random errors when gaining reputation while experience is shown
- Version update
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0.5 beta
12-05-10 11:25 AM

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Unread 05-15-11, 04:02 PM  
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Originally posted by tinyu
is it possible to have multi bars? 1 for exp and 1 for rep?
The short answer is no. Progmatically Advancement is using the same frames/textures for both of them. Some hack could help.

The long answer:

Sorry for such a long time without replying.
Have to say I ended up playing WoW because I just haven't got enough time for it to be a part of my life. At least for now I won't be able to support my addons.

If there is someone willing to continue working on any of my addons they are more than welcome, I will grant the right to update them by making them co-authors. Just PM me.

Have to say developing addons was one of the most pleasant wow activities for the last year, even though I haven't uploaded even half of them
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Unread 03-13-11, 09:34 PM  
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is it possible to have multi bars? 1 for exp and 1 for rep?
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