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Meeka's UI Installer

Version: r1
by: Fiercy [More]

This is an experimental addon that basically loads pre-defined profiles and disables it's self. It also tracks which character has used it thanks to Nibelheim. I am unfortunately quitting wow as I'm posting this. I'm putting this out so that someone who finds it useful can use it.

I haven't seen something like this around so I figured I'd post it before leaving.

Again, this basically sets profiles for addons. However, you have to manually activate the profiles or use reflux to do it. There is a variable that I didn't get to implement but it's there called ProfileName, it's meant to be used in all of the Set functions who host the addon's DB.

Edit: Forgot to explain how to make it useful for you. Basically this addon injects those files found in the WTF folder. You just open one of the files in there, copy all of it then paste it into a Set function and tell it to wipe any DB (settings) it finds and put in the new info which you have pasted into the Set function.

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