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DKC (Shandris) - Guild Add Ons

Version: 2.1
by: Gummymage [More]

**** Now Updated for 4.1 ****

Hello all DKC members. Thank you for coming to this great site to download your add ons. In this pack you will find the offical DKC endursed add ons that we feel every member should have.

Here are a list of the addons included...

Addon Control Panel- This lets you turn add ons on and off while logged into the game. You will find a new add on button under interface in your game menu. (press Esc for game menu)

Atlas Loot- This lets you look at dungeons and raids as well as professions to check the loot you could get or things ppl can make for you.

Atlas Loot Reverse- Shows you where something that is linked drops.

BankItems- This shows all the banks n bags of all the toons on your server. Also shows your total gold. This is a very handy add on for those of us with many alts. *** Not yet updated for 4.1 but seems to be working ***

Deadly Boss Mods- This gives you wearings during boss fights if the boss is about to do something big or if you are standing in something like fire or poison.

Healbot- Lets you quickly heal party members by clicking the Healbot interface instead of switching targets. Non healers or people who dont like healbot feel free to disable it.

Gearscore/Playerscore- While the gearscore number doesnt give you much info now a days, the add on is still very useful. You can quickly see if someone has mixed healing and dps gear, if they are unenchanted or gemed, and you can few their equipped item lvl also.

Omen Threat Meter- This shows a tank who has what % of threat on the boss. Its also useful for anyone like me whos a total dps aggro hog. This can also be disabled if you dont want to use it.

Recount- Shows your dps or healing done as well as other info for a party. Helpful hint, I use a macro /recount toggle that I keep on my hotbar so I can turn the interface on and off when I need to.

Scrap- This addon will sell all grey items you have when you goto a merchant. Next to where you armor repair button is you will find a bag of gold button, click this to sell all grey items. *** Not yet updated to 4.1 but seems to be working ***

Sheep Monitor- This is a great program for letting you know when your CC timer will run out, and it also tells you who broke the CC if it breaks early. *** Not yet updated to 4.1 but seems to be working ***

Titan Panel- Crazzy asked me to include this. It puts a bar at the top of your screen that can track things like coords, gold, repair bills. Can be very useful. If you find it slows you down feel free to disable it.


All of these add ons should be extracted to your C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns

To do so please click the download button, then hit open when the window pops up. Once Winrar opens just it, click and open the dkc guild addon folder then extract all and put C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns in the little box.

Some people dont have their game installed in program files. Check the c: drive to see if the world of warcraft folder is under that.

Make sure you visit this website often or download the mmo minion to get updates for all your add ons.

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