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Interrupt Announce

Version: 1.4
by: Naw [More]

Interrupt Announce v1.4

This is a very basic interrupt announcer. Currently the addon only works with interrupts (Pummel, Bash, Kick, etc..) and not silences (Arcane Torrent, etc..).


  • Configure which announcements to show using the blizzard options panel
  • Send announcements to multiple channels (say, party, raid, yell)
  • Toggle to only show announcements while in a group

Slash Commands:

/ia - Toggle the options panel

Version 1.4
-Updated for version 4.1
-Simplified the slash commands (/ia just opens the config panel now)
-Placed the library dependencies in a seperate xml file

Version 1.3
-Made some minor changes to the config panel
-Options are now greyed out if the addon is disabled

Version 1.2
-Added profiles
-Added a shorter slash command (/ia)

Version 1.1
-Fixed an issue with settings not being saved
-Minor changes and improvements
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