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Version: v1.1
by: Safturento [More]

I've wanted a simple talent template addon that works similar to the one found in Guild Wars, and a friend last night finally convinced my to just write my own. What this addon does is allows you to save your talent tree into a template, so if you want to return to that spec later you simply load the template and voilą, your talent tree is filled (Only fills preview, that way you can make a few changes if you want).

Templates are saved per class, so you can access them on any other character of the same class (for you crazies who have 3 85's of the same class. ).

v1.1 - Fix bug where addon would break if you didn't have stMedia installed.
v1.0 - Release
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Update to include Pet Talents

I have created an updated version that includes Pet Talents. I have sent the author a PM asking if he wants to incorporate it and haven't heard back yet.
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