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Version: 1.4
by: networm [More]

Add a button to Blizzard target portrait which can be clicked for some functionality.

Left Button - Inspect target
Right Button - Trade target
Middle Button - Whisper target
Button 4 - Follow target
Button 5 - Inspect Achievements of target

The button will not desaturate when the target is a same camp and you could inspect it.

1.4 20140914
- TOC bump for 5.4

1.3 20120119
- TOC bump for 4.3

1.2 20110430
- fix a whisper target bug

1.1 20110430
- TOC bump for 4.1

1.0 20110429
- Init release!
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A Cyclonian
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Hi, I like your addon

tho I don't like the Class Button's position on the target frame.
Is it possible to add an option to move it?

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