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Custom Grid Setup

Version: 4.3
by: Asuract [More]

Introduction: After a lot of requests, I have finally decided to upload my grid. This grid is customized in a way that it can be used for any situation. If you like the look, try it!


This package includes the following addons.


This addon will get all the people who have no clue how to operate Grid to have my Grid and it's features/looks. I use this for Arena PvP, and raiding. I have manually added every spell in the game to grid and set each spells priority to a certain value so that the most important ones show in the middle of grid allowing you to catch it at the corner of your eye while focusing on other things making for quick and easy dispels.

Installation Help:

Simply download and unzip to your Desktop. Put all the contents that are inside the folder called "Addons" into World Of Warcraft > Interface > Addons > ('Here"). Then add the contents of the folder "Saved Variables" to your World of Warcraft > WTF > Account > Your Account Name > Saved Variables > ("Here"). Then load up WoW and right click on the grid icon on your Mini map and open the profiles page and select Custom Grid. That's it! no need to redo your UI, this will only modify Grid.

If this still doesn't work please post here and I will get back to it when I have a chance.

Updated for 4.3
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Originally posted by Spike`
only if you upload also your WTF grid settings will make the profile appear on grid settings
It has been updated, and includes these files.
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only if you upload also your WTF grid settings will make the profile appear on grid settings
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