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Fetzie's Tukui Compilation

Version: 1.0
by: Fetzie [More]

I am experiencing client crash issues with some/all of the addons, I do not know which. I am currently raiding with zero addons installed. I will get back to this when I know more. Until then, consider the compilation unsupported and potentially unusable.

-- Fetzie

This is my Tukui edit. It is designed to be functional and leave enough space to see what is going on without impairing peripheral vision, as this is important to tanks. The edges of the frames are light pink as I play a paladin.

Included addons:

- Base Interface, Unitframes, Action bars etc
- Undocks the Castbar from the Tukui unitframes
- Combat text
- Click to cast on unitframes
- Threat meter
Bigwigs (r8413)
- Bossmod
- Undocks Combo points from the TukUI unitframes
- Damage Meter
- Raid cooldowns display
- Implements the /in command for delayed chat messages

All addons have been updated to work with Patch 4.2. I will endeavour to upload a new version when a big change to any of the addons occurs, however it is the responsibility of the user to update addons if need be (i.e. I won't be uploading a new version every time Bigwigs is updated, which is about every 5 hours at the moment )

Instructions for use:
After closing World of Warcraft completely.
1. Cut and Paste the Interface and WTF folders out of your World of Warcraft directory to some place safe (this is in case you don't like the UI and would like to use your old one, if you simply delete it you need to start over).
2. Extract the zip file into the World of Warcraft directory
3. Rename the folders MYACCOUNT, Myserver and Mycharacter to the correct names (Account name must be in full capitals, otherwise only the first letter is capitalised)
4. Start World of Warcraft. You may need to change the config.wtf file to reflect your own region
5. Change all of the profiles to Fetzie - Anub'arak. Relog to save the changes.
6. There shouldn't need to be a step 6

The layout is set up for a 1920*1080 resolution, if you want it for a different resolution you are on your own

Useful slash commands
/moveui -- unlocks all of the UI elements so you can move them around.
/tukui -- change many of the settings without needing to mess around in addon code files.
/hermes config -- configure Hermes
/omen -- Omen3 help
/msbt -- MSBT config
As this is the first time I have uploaded such a UI there may be "complications" (profiles not loading properly, that kind of thing). Send me a PM or post in the forum threadand I'll try to help.


All Credits go to the respective authors and owners of the addons. The original version of Tukui, as well as sCombo and Tukui_Castbar can be found at tukui.org; the other addons can either be found on wowinterface.com, wowace.com or curse. Redistribution must obey the terms and conditions set out in the respective addon licenses. You can find the Tukui license here.

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Unread 09-05-11, 06:15 PM  
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Your TukUI And changing font.

How do I change the font of the "floating combat text" such as buffs and such on me and damage being displayed above the head of the target?
The font for MSBT's 2 enabled scroll area's is great but for whatever reason (I'm guessing the design) there's a different font for the combat text and damage above the head and everything of that sort. How would I go about changing this?
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Unread 07-01-11, 09:06 AM  
A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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What exactly is different from default Tukui because I see no difference

Tukui | Github
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