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JahUI [1920x1080]

Version: 1.7
by: JahloveFH [More]

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General Info
This is my UI that I currently use on my balance druid when I stream our raids live (twitch.tv/jahlovefh) and its meant for 1920x1080 16:9 ratio. This is a simple/minimalist UI and it can be used for any class with very little modifications. The only druid specific addon is Balance Power Tracker. I did not create the addons in this pack, nor do I claim any ownership over them. This was thrown together simply because I've been asked several times where my UI can be downloaded, and as a warning I take no responsibility if my pack blows up your computer. When loading profiles select Jahlove. Make sure you read the readme in the JahUI folder. Also if you plan on updating addons yourself via the curse client or manual install, make sure to ignore the addon Nice Damage as I have modified it to have the blizzard scrolling combat text font to be replaced with MSBT Transformer.

If you need to reach me regarding the UI you can do so by emailing me at [email protected].

JahUI Installation
  • Back up your WTF and Interface folders located in your WoW directory, then delete them.
  • If you are playing on an EU realm you need to edit the config.wtf file to whatever it is in your old file. For US it is called enUS, but you can change it to whatever your local is by looking at the config.wtf file in your backed up folder. Again this is only for people installing on EU servers.
  • If you have macros that you want to keep, then I suggest you do the following: Copy your macros-cache.txt file which is located in "WTF/account/YourAccount/". The reason for this is that after you install my UI, all of your macros will disappear and you will be left with nothing.

  • Next go into your WTF folder and change the following folder names(this is in the readme)
    • Account Name - rename this to your specific wow account.
    • Realm Name - rename this to the realm you play on.
    • Character Name - change this to the character you want to use JahUI with.
  • Next you should place your old macros-cache.txt file into the new WTF folder. Place it in this directory "WTF/Account/Your Account".
  • Next you should log into the game and make sure you have Load Out of Date Addons checked. To make sure the addon pack has been installed correctly you should look at some of the addons and make sure the "Jahlove" profile is checked.

Interface Info
Listed below are some of the addons included in this pack and the slash command to open up the options in game.
  • Bartender4 - /bar /bt
  • BalancePowerTracker - /bpt
  • BigWigs - /bw /bigwigs
  • Button Facade - /msq /masque
  • Chatter - /chatter
  • Clique - skills tab bottom box
  • ForteXorcist - /fx
  • Gladius - /gladius
  • Grid - /grid
  • MikScrollingBattleText - /msbt
  • MoveAnything - press escape and click the box labeled move anything
  • Omen - /omen
  • OmniCC - /omnicc
  • PhoenixStyle - /phoenix or /ps
  • Power Auras Classic - /powa
  • Quartz - /quartz
  • Recount - /recount
  • Satrina Buff Frames - /sbf
  • SexyMap - /sexymap
  • TidyPlates - /tidyplates
  • WeakAuras - /wa

Other Links
<Huge in Japan>
Check out my livestream Tuesday-Thursday 7pm PST
The Forum Thread for this UI pack can be found here

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Listed below are the addons that are included in this pack:

Here's a couple screenshots of my UI in action:
Jahlove vs Heroic Ragnaros

Jahlove vs Heroic Majordomo

Out of combat

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5/9/2012 - 1.6
-Updated hella

12/1/2011 - 1.5
-Majority of Addons updated for 4.3
-Some junk/unused addons removed
-Still waiting on gLoot to be updated for 4.3
-Majority of these addons can be updated yourself via the Curse Client, with the execption of Aurora and NiceDamage

10/13/2011 - 1.4.1
-Added Auctioneer
-Added Claw
-Added PhoenixStyle
-Added RagnarosMeteorTracker
-Updated all addons

9/3/2011 - 1.3
-Added OmniCC
-Cleaned up some clutter alerts in MSBT
-Decreased font size in MSBT
-Made all debuffs on SUF's Target Bar the same size and now showing only 20 debuffs

9/2/2011 - 1.2b
-Fixed the profile for Satrina Buff Frames that was causing issues. You should be able to now choose the JahlÝve profile in SBF which should bring up the buff frame.

9/1/2011 - 1.2a
-Installed Gladius for arena
-Changed the description in the addons page
-Added another Donate link (please do it if you like this pack!)

8/30/2011 - 1.2
-Changed the buff frame to be three lines only
-Moved the debuff frame underneath the buff frame closer to the minimap
-Updated Tidy Plates
-Updated SexyMap
-Updated ForteXorcist
-Updated Bagnon
-Updated BalancePowerTracker

8/25/2011 - 1.1b
-Cleaned up Shadowed Unit Frames Boss Frame and Target of Target Frame
-Added better looking portraits

8/24/2011 - 1.1a
-Updated BalancePowerTracker
-Updated ForteXorcist
-Updated RSA - Raeli's Spell Announcer
-Updated Boss bar in Shadowed Unit Frames

8/21/2011 - 1.1
-Updated Recount
-Updated BigWigs Bossmods
-Added Auction Profit Master for mail purposes
-Cleaned up panels to negate overlap and for better overall visual appeal
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A Kobold Labourer
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I believe that is Quartz. You'd have to go in and disable most of the ones you don't want. The only ones I use are the Target cast bar and the enemy cast bar. Sorry for the late response, been super busy with my son :P
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Unread 10-13-11, 03:34 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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nice addon you have created..
i got one problem..

i have installed all with your profile but there is only one addon, showing through the target frame.

What addon is it?
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