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oUF BuffFilter

Version: BETA 0.9
by: Mischback [More]

..:: oUF_BuffFilter ::..

Provides Buff-/Debuff-Filtering on certain units in oUF-layouts.

While I have worked on different oUF-layouts I felt the need for buff-/debuff-filtering on certain units. Since I didn't want to write the same stuff again and again, I created this plugin to ease this task.

Basically, what it does: The oUF-core provides the possibility to filter buffs/debuffs with a custom filter function (.CustomFilter). This addon provides a central possibility for this feature.

oUF_BuffFilter provides three functions, that can be used as custom filter:

  • oUF_BuffFilter_Buffs
  • oUF_BuffFilter_Debuffs
  • oUF_BuffFilter_PvEBossDebuffs
As you can see, you can filter buffs/debuffs independently and this works for several units independently. Currently supported are:
  • player
  • target
  • focus
  • pet


oUF_BuffFilter stores the configuration in a per character saved variable, so you will be able to have different settings for different chars.

	["player"] = {
		["buffs"] = {
			["mode"] = "whitelist",
			["list"] = {
				[55694] = true,
				[29801] = true,
				[12964] = true,
				[2565] = true,
				[85730] = true,
				[87096] = true,
				[16491] = true,
				[6673] = true,
				[871] = true,
				[50720] = true,
				[50227] = true,
				[12976] = true,
				[57516] = true,
				[18499] = true,
				[57519] = true,
				[52437] = true,
				[97463] = true,
		["debuffs"] = {
			["mode"] = "blacklist",
			["list"] = {
				[12721] = true,
Here's a snippet of my configuration to explain it:
You find the configuration in [YOUR WOW FOLDER]/WTF/Account/[YOUR ACCOUNT NAME]/[YOUR REALM NAME]/[YOUR CHAR NAME]/SavedVariables/oUF_BuffFilter.lua.

You see the part, which controls which buffs are displayed on my player-frame. The buff-filter works in whitelist-mode, which means, only the buffs will be shown, that are in the following list. This works regardless of your localisation, because the actual spellIDs are used.
The following debuff-filter works in blacklist-mode, which means everything will be shown, except of the listed debuffs.

You can easily obtain spellIDs through wowhead.com, if you know, what you're looking for.
oUF_BuffFilter has its own list of (seen ingame) buffs/debuffs with their spellIDs, this list is located in [YOUR WOW FOLDER]/WTF/Account/[YOUR ACCOUNT NAME]/SavedVariables/oUF_BuffFilter.lua.


This special filter function filters for very special debuffs which are crucial in raid environment:
  • 8% Spell DMG
  • 5% Spell Crit
  • 4% Melee DMG
  • 12% reduced armor
  • 20% reduced Attack Speed
  • 10% reduced DMG done
  • 30% increased Bleed DMG
The list is based on this thread and not yet completed.

Currently known to be missing are:
  • Waylay (Rogue)
  • Earth Shock (Shaman)
  • Curse of Weakness (Warlock)
Please drop me a note if you find any other debuff missing.


In your layout apply a custom Filter to your Buffs
self.Buffs.CustomFilter = oUF_BuffFilter_Buffs
or Debuffs
self.Debuffs.CustomFilter = oUF_BuffFilter_Debuffs


elouyn for the list of raid-debuffs

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Originally posted by Soopala

Is there a way to filter only buff I have cast? (and add a blacklist to them)

may I have to do it in my layout?
No, this is not the purpose of this addon. You may add these functionality to your layout by using a PostUpdate-function.
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Is there a way to filter only buff I have cast? (and add a blacklist to them)

may I have to do it in my layout?
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