Updated: 10-26-11 09:34 AM
Updated:10-26-11 09:34 AM

TourGuide - Hallows End Horde 2011

Version: 0.2
by: Niightblade [More]


This is a TourGuide plugin for Hallow's End candy buckets Horde 2011 and works best with the latest version of TomTom.

NEW! Added a work-around to make TourGuide change to the next candy bucket automatically!

  • Kalimdor (includes some Cata locations since you'll be passing by)
  • Eastern Kingdom (includes some Cata locations)
  • Outlands
  • Northrend
  • Cataclysm
Some routes may not be 100% optimal (everyone has their own preference), however all coordinates should be super-accurate.

  1. Install this in /Interface/Addons/ like you would any addon.
  2. In TourGuide, open the guide selection window.
  3. Make sure you scroll down to the very bottom of TourGuide's selection window, even if it looks like you're already at the bottom!
  4. Select the desired guide.
  5. Follow the TomTom arrow to the indicated candy bucket and use it.

  • Smash102/Ivan for the 2010 Alliance version I used as an initial template.
  • Various WoWHead commenters.

0.2 2011-10-27
* Added a work-around to make TourGuide track candy bucket progress!
* Changed the quest types from "R" to "T", except for Grol'dom Farm since you do actually have to walk/run/ride there.
* Added the "if this get's stuck" warning to all guides.
* Added Twilight Highlands to the Eastern Kingdom list.
* Re-arranged the Eastern Kingdom list a bit.
* Removed "Guides.xml", rolled it into the .toc

0.1 2011-10-26
* initial release
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