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Version: 1.3
by: mrZepp [More]

zFilger is a very minimal buff/debuff tracking addon that will allow you to track buffs/debuffs on yourself, target, pets, focus, etc, and also can be used to track cooldowns.

Basic use
All configuration must be done by directly editing zFilger.lua, there are no config screens or slash commands.

Moving the bars
Open zFilger.lua with a text editor and change local configmode = false; to local configmode = true; and reload your UI (/console reloadui). You can then hold down shift + alt, and drag the individual anchors. After positioning, you can reset configmode to false and reload your UI again.

Understanding the spell list
Taking Divine Plea as an example.

{ spellID = 54428, size = 30, unitId = "player", caster = "player", filter = "BUFF" },

spellID = The id of the spell you want to display
size = The size of the icon/height of the bar.
unitId = Which unit you want to display this bar for. Can be a number of units, player/target/pet/focus etc, take a look at the included entry for Earth Shield to see how you can display a bar for specific units only.
caster = Who cast the spell. You can limit the icon/bar display to spells cast only by a specific unit, or display no matter who cast it. Handy for displaying only your own sacred shield for example.
filter = BUFF, DEBUFF, or CD. Fairly self explanatory.

You can find the id of the spell on wowhead.com.
Numbers in the address bar after a "spell=" this is the spell id which you want to add.

Example for Divine Plea: wowhead.com/spell=54428
Write to me spellID and the category to which they relate.
In future versions they will be added to addon.

Example: spellID = 54428, P_PROC_ICON

Credits: Qulight, Shantalya

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Its copyrighted and should be respect/asked premission for aka
Copyright (c) 2009, Nils Ruesch
All rights reserved.

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Unread 01-19-12, 06:12 AM  
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dont claim your the Author when the original addon is written by Nils Ruesch aka Shantalya

you give him credits on your frontpage but make yourself author in your .toc file
least give him the Author rights and make yourself a editor of the addon

pls respect other peoples work even if they dont play/update it anymore
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