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Version: 0.1.1
by: Taffu [More]

LootPro is an experiment I've been toying with to filter looting when I'm farming dungeons and/or specific items. I often run out of inventory space and have to return to a vendor to clear out, and I usually think to myself "Man, if I could only dictate what I would pick up, that would be great!"

So here it is, a "loot filter" of sorts! You can dictate what items you want to pick up and LootPro will ignore everything else. Here's some details:

- LootPro will always pickup coin and currency, legendary, and artifact items.
- LootPro has a "Threshold" for quality that you can dictate.
- LootPro will inform you of what it's ignoring while looting (in case you change your mind).
- LootPro will not pickup quest items unless you tell it to.
- LootPro has a built in override when it's enabled (Hold Alt + Right Click to Loot).

LootPro has no GUI, it's ridiculously lightweight (around 10kb memory footprint), and is fairly easy to customize. You can Shift-Click items in your bags to link instead of manually typing. All customization is done in-game. There is an alert for when you login (or reload your UI) and LootPro is "On" so that you don't forget.

Slash Commands: /loot, /lpro, /lootpro
AddOn Commands: (e.g. /loot <command>)
- No Command = Help Menu
- enable = Toggle AddOn On/Off
- autoloot = Toggle Feature On/Off. This enables WoW's AutoLoot if you turn LootPro off, and it will disable it if you turn LootPro on. If this feature is off, it won't do anything when you disable LootPro. If it's on, it will force WoW's AutoLoot on when you disable LootPro.
- add <item> = Add's item to the whitelist database. You can Shift+Click items to use their link, but you have to make sure there is a one space and only one space between "add" and "<item>". When you shift-click to link items, it adds a space, so consider this. You can also manually type the item name.
- quality <num> = Sets the quality threshold. Anything at or above the threshold won't be filtered. Default is "2 - Uncommon".
- reset = Clears out the whitelist database.

I will not be held responsible if use of this AddOn messes anything up, causes you to miss an item, or somehow screws something up that I'm not aware of. This is a very handy tool for myself, but it might not be for you. Do not come here and tell me that it screwed you over by causing you to miss an item. Be aware of enabling or disabling this AddOn if you don't always want to use it.

Currently it doesn't handle Bind-On-Pickup items very well, so you have to Alt+Click/Loot to bypass (if you have LootPro enabled) to get the GUI for accepting BoP items. Be aware of this because in dungeons it will force you to miss BoP Common/Rare/Epic items unless you use the built in override.

That said, I hope you like it and I hope it is a handy tool for you the way it is for me. I'll likely futz around with it until MoP and then give it a full release.

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