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Cat's Eye: Revived

by: Sargeant [More]

This is my update of the original Cat's Eye addon by Boundingox. Since it hadn't seen an update since January of 2011 and it ceased to work starting with 5.0.4, I thought I'd get to work fixing/improving it.

Changes from Boundingox's previous version:

  • Fixed broken spell IDs (Works in MoP)
  • Added tracking support for Faerie Swarm, Weakened Armor debuff, Incarnation and Pounce/Pounce Bleed
  • Removed tracking for the now-nonexistant Mangle debuff (You can still track mangle spam) and Claw

NOTE: You must delete or manually update your savedvariables for CatsEye!
If you don't, then your saved set of tracked abilities won't match the updated list, and the addon will not work.

You can find this file at World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<account name>\<realm>\<character>\SavedVariables\CatsEye.lua. You can simply delete it, or edit it if you know what you're doing.

Here's the original description of the addon:

Originally Posted by Boundingox
Cat's Eye is a feral druid cat DPS assistant. It compactly displays most of the pertinent information that a raiding cat might need to see: relevant active buffs, debuffs and cooldowns, as well as omen of clarity procs, combo points, current attack power, player health and target health. It won't try to tell you what to do next, but it will tell you everything you need to know to decide.

Its most unique feature is a cycling system for the bars that represent your abilities. Each bar cycles among three states: ready, active, and recharging.

Ready: The cooldown is up and you have sufficient energy and combo points to apply the ability.
Active: The buff is currently on you or the debuff is on the target. Depletes from right to left over time.
Recharging: The ability is either on cooldown, requires more energy, or both. Refills from left to right as energy returns and the cooldown expires. An ability may also be shown in this state but full if you lack the combo points that it requires.

These three states are colored blue, green and red respectively. You can change this and other settings, including the choice and order of the bars, through the standard addon options interface.

Of course, the debuff tracking watches for similar debuffs where appropriate. For example, if another feral druid mangles your target or an arms warrior applies trauma then the default bar for mangle will turn active to reflect this.

Another of Cat's Eye's key features is light resource usage. I've coded it from scratch with an eye towards efficiency and have tried to make the most common code paths as short as possible. It should work smoothly, even on fairly constrained machines.

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Note that if you got this before, you may notice some chat messages that don't make any sense -- I left in some debug code. Oops! =p

This won't affect the mod's function at all, but might spam your chat window.

The latest version removes these messages.
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