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CustomEmotes - FanFix

by: Nazgaroth [More]

== CustomEmotes ==
by Nazgaroth ([email protected])
Verified function with multiple groupings and combat flags. Please report any bugs.

== CustomEmotes 2.01 ==
by Nazgaroth ([email protected])

Update API calls for Pull Warnings. Issues using the Pull Warning emotes should now be resolved.

== CustomEmotes 2.00 ==
by Nazgaroth ([email protected])

This FanFix update resolves LUA issues that prevented function of the add-on post Lich King. I do not intend to take credit for Wikwocket's work and only provide this for those who love this add-on as the author has stated he no longer supports it.

Should Wikwocket return and wish that I remove this add-on I will gladly do so. Thank you.

== CustomEmotes 1.17 ==
by Wikwocket ([email protected])

This AddOn provides additional emotes and pull warnings. It was created due to my wife's and my desire to have many more emotes at our fingertips, especially some based on our favorite movies. We think you will enjoy delighting and harassing your friends and guildmates with such classic emotes as:

Wikwocket waves goodbye; have fun storming the castle!

Wikwocket is your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.

Wikwocket has the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! Soon, he will lobbest the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards their foe, who, being naughty in their sight, shall snuff it.

Wikwocket is the prettiest member of the Fellowship.

Wikwocket thinks we'd better split up. We can do more damage that way.

And of course:

Wikwocket is never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.

These macros can be activated through a small smiley-face button, which appears near the chatbox by default, but is freely draggable. Clicking it will open the menus of emotes and pull warnings. As you hover over each emote, a tooltip should appear to show you what the emote will look like, both with and without a target, since many emotes will use a target's name in the emote, for maximum amusement. (The mod is smart about target names and the player's gender, modifying emotes to fit). Emotes and pull warnings can also be used via chat commands using each emote's abbreviation, for example "/ce LudicrousSpeed" or "/ce IKnowKungFu". You can do a random emotes by category by using the category name, for example, "/ce spaceballs".

You can also make a macro for "/ce pull" which will use a random pull warning each time, such as "Stay on target! Stay on target!" or "Not in the face, Coilfang Guardian! Not in the face!" Pull warnings will be said in Say, Party, or Raid chat as applicable, or as a raid warning if you are a raid assist (You can use "/ce pullnormal" to only use Say/Party/Raid chat).

If the tooltips that display the text of each emote are not displaying, they can be toggled using "/ce tooltips". This is because the mod uses the default dropdown menu tooltip system, and those are only displayed if the setting Interface Options: Help: Beginner Tooltips is turned on. Using "/ce tooltips" toggles this setting. Use "/ce reset" to reset the button's position in the game window.

CustomEmotes has emotes and pulling macros from these sources:
- Airplane
- Austin Powers
- Batman
- Bill and Ted's Adventures
- Blues Brothers
- Clue
- Emperor's New Groove
- Ferris Bueller's Day Off
- Finding Nemo
- Galaxy Quest
- Get Smart
- Ghostbusters
- Invader Zim
- Labrynth
- Lord of the Rings
- Monty Python
- Mystery Men
- Naked Gun
- Office Space
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Princess Bride
- Robin Hood
- Spaceballs
- Star Trek
- Star Wars
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Tenacious D
- The Matrix
- X-Files

I hope you find this mod useful and entertaining. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

Contact info:
Please contact me by email ([email protected]), PM, or by leaving comments on an AddOn site. This is much preferable to trying to contact me in-game.
Brought version inline with WoW build.
Verified function with multiple groupings and combat flags. Please report any bugs.

2.01 -
Update API calls for Pull Warnings. Issues using the Pull Warning emotes should now be resolved.

2.00 -
Update LUA for 4.3 and 5.0.4.
Update TOC.
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Smile Re: Error Reporting

I would be happy to send error reports. I love this addon. Maybe I am the only one. Any chance we could get some updated emotes. I have been working on trying to add some, I got a few figured out, but I don't really know how to use all that mumbo jumbo. I was thinking like Harvey Birdman, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones...etc...Thanks Bunyip
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Post Error Reporting

Since last updating this add-on, I've encounted a few other errors that I am having trouble isolating. If you have any errors please feel free to report them here and I will do my best to find and correct the issues. Thank you.
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