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Version: 2.1
by: LDS911 [More]

*Updated For 5.0.5
*Added Masque and tweaked the layout for leveling.
*Please leave a comment if you like this design or if you have suggestions.

A very clean WoW User Interface, that's Ready for MoP, featuring a collection of addons and artwork, put together for maximum screen visibility and functionality.
As a prior duty U.S. Marine, it was designed with military uniformity in mind, to give it a clean, condensed, look and feel, without the clutter, but with a little style as well.
Full installation instructions inside of file as well.

I hope you enjoy it!

*** Video If Enough Request It

** v-UI Installation Instructions

First Backup Your Exsisting WoW WTF and Interface Folders!!
Next UnZip v-UI
Inside the WTF Folder Change The Account Name to Your Account, The Server Name To Your Server and Finally The Character Name To Your Character.
Put both the WTF and Interface folders inside the World of Warcraft root folder.

Thats It... Enjoy

You will need to re-size and place the Carbonite MiniMap in its place.
You may also need to resize the UI for your res.
For Bartender4 and XPERL use the v-UI profile.
Once game loads, type bt4 to open the bartender config. then on the profiles choose v-UI
For XPERL do the same, use the v-UI profile.

Auctionator - BadBoy - Bartender 4 - Bittens SpellFlash Core - Bitten's SpellFlash Monk - Carbonite - ChiBar - CrapAway - DBM - EasyMail - Fishing Buddy - Grid - GTFO -HearKitty - IceHud - kgPanels - MikScrolling Battle Text - Omen - Prat - ReforgeLite - Skada - SunnArt - TidyPlates - TipTac - Titan Panel - XPerl - Masque

Days, and Sometimes Weeks and Months Go Into Building Addons and Compilations
Please Help Support Your Community By Making A Small Donation To Those You Like
They Do Work Very Hard For You.

Click here to lend your support!

** You can safely add or remove any addon in this compilation without disrupting the look except for kgPanels.
( Of course that means you have to configure anything you add yourself )

minor tweaks to the layout and added masque
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Unread 05-05-13, 08:32 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally Posted by Jen P
My login screen has changed since installing this, and shows LARRY911 and WoW1 in a dropdown box. Is there a way to remove this?

Thank you for your addon also.

Not sure how they still have that version. That was an upload mistake from version 1.0
To remove just go into your WTF folder and change the account to yours.

And thank you for letting me know.
Last edited by LDS911 : 05-05-13 at 08:33 AM.
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Unread 05-05-13, 06:51 AM  
Jen P
A Kobold Labourer

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My login screen has changed since installing this, and shows LARRY911 and WoW1 in a dropdown box. Is there a way to remove this?

Thank you for your addon also.
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